Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Iris Myandowski is a hand-walking queer!

Does she know that I'm sorry for when I wouldn't ride home with her on my first day of first grade? I wanted to ride the bus home and she came to pick me up. I told her to go home. Does she know I'm sorry?

Does she know I'm sorry for every time I complained about having to clean the basement with her?

Does she know I'm sorry for dropping my library book in the sink full of water? I was reading it while I was doing the dishes. She had to pay for it.

Does she know I'm sorry for lying to my dad?

Does she know I'm sorry for the times I was mean to my sister? I didn't know she was going to be my best friend someday.

Does she know I'm sorry for the time I made her so mad at me that she bit me on the hand? Why did I push her to the point of being so angry? What was wrong with me?

Does she know I was wrong when I told her I wasn't going to get married and have kids? I told her that I was going to be a brain surgeon career woman and not end up in (my exact words) "out of date, ugly clothes with a mom-hairstyle."

Does she know I'm sorry for embarrassing her by telling one of my aunts that I thought she and all my aunts and cousins were red-neck hicks?

Does she know I'm sorry for not waving at her when I walked to school? I was so mad. I should have turned and waved but I didn't.

Does she know I'm sorry for the time I embarrassed her in front of Joe Vetter? I'm not going to say what I did. It's still pretty embarrassing. I'm really sorry. Does she know?

Has she forgiven me for every thoughtless comment and missed opportunity?

Does she know that I am currently living the best life ever as a mom in out of date, ugly clothes with a mom hairstyle? Does she know that my sister is my best friend and I love my aunts and cousins so much? Does she know that I am trying to raise my kids as well as she raised me? Does she know that I think about her almost every minute of every day and am trying to live up to the example she set for me?

Does she know I love her and miss her so much it takes my breath away?

I hope she does.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday!

My sweet Lizzie turned two last week. It's hard to believe she's two!

Some words that describe her are: little, snuggly, obedient, curious, loving, blonde.

Lizzie likes to play with her babies.

Lizzie doesn't like to have to take a nap.

Lizzie likes to eat snacks.

Lizzie doesn't like to eat peas or beans or anything green.

Lizzie likes her binkie and a soft piece of fabric for bed time.

Lizzie doesn't like putting pants on.

Lizzie likes to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, little Star," "Itsy bitsy Spider" and "Jesus wants Me for a Sunbeam."

Lizzie doesn't like being put in the car to run errands.

Lizzie likes to play "Ring Around the Rosie."

Lizzie doesn't like being wrapped in a blanket by her brothers and then tickled to death.

I like everything about Lizzie.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekly Top Five 10/4/2010

Top Five Things I Like About October

1. Children's Primary program at church

2. Oktoberfest

3. Cider and Donuts

4. Trick or Treat!

5. Fuzzy, warm baby pajamas

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Give Away

Don't we all love a giveaway?

Free stuff?!

Free stuff is good.

Free good stuff?!

Good stuff that's free is even better!

Which is why we're giving away a super cute nursing cover,
3 coordinating burp cloths, and a coordinating tote bag!

These genuine mama-made burp cloths are made out of 100% cotton fabric and a 70/30 poly-cotton microfiber that is naturally antibacterial, super-absorbant, and very soft!

This super-stylish mama-made nursing cover slips over a nursing mama's head easily with an adjustable strap. Boning in the neckline makes eye contact with baby a breeze.

No longer nursing? No problem! This would make a very sweet baby gift (and you don't even have to wrap it- just put everything in the tote).

You have 4 chances to win:

1. Follow Sew Many Mamas.
2. "Like" us on Facebook.
3. Repost our give-away on your blog and leave us a link in your comment.
4. Submit yourself or another deserving mama to be featured on Meet-A-Mama Monday (for details go to our "Know A Mama?" tab).

Leave a comment for each entry, making sure to leave your name and email address so we can contact you! Comments will stay open for one week (to give you a chance to get your Meet-A-Mama Monday submissions together). That means comments will close on Friday, October 8th at 5 pm. We'll pick a winner using and announce the lucky person by Saturday!
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