Friday, May 24, 2013

Yeah, when you look annoyed all the time, people think that you're busy.

I've been busy.

I've got 8 kids, you know.

Today I went on a field trip with Spencer and was talking to a dad and he said he has two kids and it feels like he has 6.  I laughed.  I have 8 and it feels like 8.

I listened to parents at a baseball practice complain that they have to split up and each take a kid to different activities.  And how hard it is.

People ask me all the time how I do what I do.

I don't really know.  I just do it.

And I love it.

Teddy turned one two weeks ago.  What if I hadn't had him and stopped with Genny?  He's such a sweet, smiley boy.  Reminds me of Spencer as a baby.  Happy-go-lucky.  Teddy doesn't like loud noises and screams when I use a paper towel dispenser in a public bathroom.  He doesn't like the door closing on the van.

Genny is trying potty training.  She's not quite ready.  She follows Lizzie everywhere and dances all the time and runs into the wall.  We call her DG for "Drunk Girl" on SNL.  Genny is terrified of dogs.

Lizzie is almost done with her first year of school.  She is going to young 5's next fall.  Lizzie is ALWAYS happy.  I mean always.  Always.

Cameron is playing baseball.  Mostly he makes decorations with his cleats in the dirt and uses his bat as a gun to kill zombies.  He is amazingly good at math but doesn't like school.  He doesn't eat much and is totally skinny.

Spencer is also playing baseball.  He and his friends have started a comic book club at school and they are writing comics.  They are cute and funny.  Spencer is so good at cleaning the kitchen.  He worries about everything and has a secret crush on his best friends' mom.

Calvin is another baseball player.  I love that his team is the Mudhens.  He is so good at the trumpet.  I love hearing him play.  He is always trying to make good choices.  Just today he chose not to see a movie that had a lot of inappropriate things in it.  He loves running track and is super fast.  Jimmy John's fast.

Christopher is trying so hard to get buff and get better at football.  He is obsessed with Dr. Who.  He finally made a friend this year.  I wish he had more friends.  No one gets him.  I wish I had lots of money to buy him some cool high school clothes.

Emily is beautiful.  She is realistic in her goals.  She is amazingly talented.  She wants to go to MSU for college.  I want her to stay home.  I have learned not to really talk to her for 30 minutes after she wakes up.  It's just better for everyone.  She has a cute boyfriend.  I love her.  We are good friends.

These kids just fill my heart with joy.  I don't have a lot of time with all of us here in this house.  Just one more year.  I wish I could freeze time right now.  I'm scared.  How will I do at letting go?  How hard will it be?  What is that phase of life like...having your children leave and fall in love and need you in a different way than they need you now?

I try not to dwell on what's coming in the future.  If I do, I start to feel panicky.  I'll just take what I have now.  Because it's perfect for right now.

And I love it.
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