Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who built the ark? Noah! Noah! Who build the ark? Brother Noah built the ark!

I'm a bad aunt.

Our family looks so weird in this picture.

My nephew, Noah Patrick Henry Onofrio, was born a month ago today and I haven't posted about it.

He is blonde. And soft. And quiet. And alert. And cute. And he smells soooooo good.

And I love him so much.

My sister has recovered incredibly fast. She seems back to her old self. Lucy has adjusted well to having Baby Brother in her life.

Happy One Month Birthday today, Noah! I love you!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Well, I almost did once, and I blacked out. When I came to, the car was in a ditch, and the tank was full. I don’t know who did it.

I ran out of gas today.

I was running around so busy so early in the morning. Our power went out last night with the storm. We decided to go to sleep at Carol's even though I really didn't want to. It's such a hassle transporting the kids and making them sleep in a strange place and sleeping on the couch. I got a horrible nights sleep. I had to have Calvin at Smith by 7:40 so he could catch the bus to West for his orientation. When they say 7:40, they mean 7:40. We got there at 7:41 and watched the bus pull away. So I hurried him to West. I was supposed to meet Jodi at Einsteins for breakfast and because I didn't read her text close enough, I went to the wrong one. I knew I was on E but I thought maybe I had a few more miles.

At Hartsough, I felt the van tremble a little and sputter and then it died. I just couldn't believe it. Seriously, what I would like the car comanies to invent is a red light for gas. I have the yellow light. That means: get gas soon. The red light will mean: Lady, Get Gas NOW! I would really listen to the red light. Maybe.

So I walked back down Sheldon to the Speedway and bought a gas can and filled it. I started to walk back when Mari saw me and gave me a lift back to my car. A policeman showed up just as I did and helped me figure out the gas can. It was confusing. I filled up and made my way up to Einsteins. All before 8:30! What a fun morning!

Calvin got his classes for middle school. He's excited because he has a good friend in all of his core classes. I hope they don't get kicked out of 6th grade together. They can be pretty crazy. I wonder where Calvin gets that from...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's like swimming through a flabby armed spanking machine

Last night we had a really fun Relief Society activity. We all met at Carol's for a ladies only pool party. We had snacks and desserts and didn't have to share the pool with 10 kids or worry about getting splashed if we didn't want to or have to save anyone from drowning. It was heavenly. A whole bunch of ladies came and I'm so glad I got to talk to new members of the ward. They are a really great bunch of girls. It could have been a tiny bit warmer outside. That would have made it absolutely perfect. Next year, I think we'll have the party a little earlier in the summer season that way we will get a warmer night. Even with the chilly air, it really was a super fun time.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You want to hurt me?

Go ahead if it makes you feel better.
I'm an easy target.
Yeah, you're right.
I talk too much.
I also listen too much.
I could be a cold-hearted cynic like you, but I don't like to hurt people's feelings. Well, you think what you want about me.
I'm not changing.
I like--I like me.
My wife likes me.
My customers like me.
'Cause I'm the real article.
What you see is what you get.

Feeling better today. I went to bed still feeling weighted down. Chris took me to The Box Bar to cheer me up with some mediocre food. We know one of the waiters there and when I jokingly told him I wanted to see the beer menu he said he wouldn't serve it to us even if we wanted it. Cupcake Station was closed by the time we got there to get a cupcake so I settled for a Magnum bar. I sat in bed on my 800 thread-count sheets, watching Seinfeld and eating my Double Caramel Magnum bar. What more could I ask for?

I hate all the cutbacks the school district is making. I have to drive Cameron one way to school this year. The buses will only run one way. The bus taking teams to sporting events will only go one way. It costs $230 to play a sport at the high school. Our swim team is totally handicapped by the fact that we have to share a pool. I know that there are countless other cutbacks that are being made all over the district this year. I hate taxes but I would vote for a millage should it be proposed now. Wish I could have raised my kids in the 80s/90s. This is what we talked about during our mediocre dinner at Box Bar.

So I woke up feeling like I can't make everyone happy and I can't do everything. I'm just going to do what I can do. If that doesn't work for other people, in the words of Blair Ballard: "Bun 'em!"

**Name the movie quote at the top of this post and you'll win one million dollars!***

Monday, August 22, 2011

Random Thoughts from Jennifer Vos

I'm in a really bad mood.

It's really hard to have so many kids and today I'm really feeling it. My calendar over the next few weeks is incredibly busy. I feel like bricks are piled on my shoulders.

I have a lot of car seats. One is for Cameron that can move all over the place cuz it's really light and just uses the lapbelt. Lizzie and Genny's seats belt in with the latch system. Those latch hooks are so hard to get in and out. I really hate moving their seats around. I like to keep their seats on the ends of the first two benches closest to the doors because when I have to get them in the van it is so hard to hold on to both of them and climb in the van at the same time to get to the farther seats. If I let go of one of them, they will run away from me. So by putting their seats on the ends of the benches, I quickly and easily pop each girl up into their seat and then buckle them. I say quickly and easily but I really mean a little quicker and a little easier. It's still pretty slow and hard. I'm sorry to all the high school and middle school kids who I give rides to that have to climb over car seats to get to a seat. You are welcome to move them if you want to reattach them for me after you get out.

I have to say that I'm sorry to Tamara Howard for not being friendly when she first moved in to our ward. I am really scared to talk to people I don't know. I am worried what they might think of me. I'm fat and I don't dress cute. I had an experience about 13 years ago. We had just moved to Toledo and I didn't know too many people at church. I went to Relief Society and I told myself I was going to sit by someone who was alone and talk to her. I did but she was not receptive to my reaching out. She didn't reach back. It was awkward and uncomfortable and I told myself that I wouldn't do it anymore. I would just talk to people I knew from then on. And that's what I've done pretty much ever since. I wait until I get to know someone from playgroup or book club or a calling and then reach out. Tamara didn't do any of these things and I never got to know her. I didn't reach out or try to get to know her at all until we had to serve together in Young Women. And then I found out what an awesome person she is. And now she is moving away. What a waste. I vowed I wouldn't ever do that again.

I have put that promise into practice by reaching out to people who have come to our ward from the old Westland Ward. I've met lots of really great, nice women because I was willing to say, "Hi, my name is Jennifer Vos. Who are you?" Somehow I'm able to forget that I'm fat and frumpy. I try and focus on looking into their eyes and letting them know that I am sincerely welcoming them. It seems to be working ok. I wish I had a smile like my mom's. She had the greatest smile. It was so welcoming and reassuring. How could you not love her?

Facebook and social media and blogging is not the devil. I was really surprised when our Bishop used my name in his admonition yesterday that social media is a scourge. It really could have been taken wrong by members of the ward. I knew what he meant. A few years ago, he gave a talk about social media being bad and said he would call it "T squared W." Said to tell him if we figured it out. I figured out that it meant "total time waster." So he tells ward to beware social media and that it's a "T squared W" and just ask Jennifer Vos. Someone could take that to mean that Jennifer Vos wastes all her time on social media. Just ask her how that's working for her. It really took me aback. I wish he hadn't said my name. And I really don't think social media is a scourge.

I am doing the snack shack for Steeler Football again. I really love doing it. It's so much work. But I love helping and being involved. The boys had their first scrimmage on Saturday and their first game is this coming Saturday. I'm excited for it! They love playing so much and are really dedicated to it. The parents who participate as coaches and volunteers are some of the best people I have ever met. I'm so glad our family is involved in such a worthwhile organization.

Emily was moved up to the senior level of the varsity swim team. I'm so proud of her. Yesterday we were singing primary songs on the way to church and I picked "The Books of the New Testament." When it came to "Timothy, Timothy, Titus and Philemon," somehow I pronounced "Titus" as "Spidus." We all cracked up and then Emily held out her hands like Spiderman and yelled "Spidus!" We are going to add that to our "KISHKUMEN" joke.

I love my family.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday 8/11/11

1. Hitachi

2. The Miracle of the Air Conditioner

3. Uglies Swim Suits

4. Drop7

5. A Brand New Dishwasher
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