Wednesday, June 15, 2011

They were women who idolized their children..and esteemed it a holy privilege to efface themselves as individuals and grow wings as ministering angels

When I was a senior in high school, I really loved my English Lit teacher. She was young and newly married and funny and interesting. I pretty much listened to everything she said and took it as gospel. One time she told us about going to the grocery store and watching a mom push her baby in the shopping cart and singing the "ABC's" out loud to try and keep the baby happy. Mrs. Rode told us she would never do that when she had kids and that we should be careful to never lose our identities in our children. I think it had to do with the book "The Awakening." I was right there with her. Wrote it down in my notebook: "Never lose your identity to your children."

And I thought about it today as a pushed a cart with three small children through Randazzo's singing rather loudly, "Lucy Lucy bo Bucy banana fana fo fucy fee fie mo mucy...LUCY! Let's do Genny..."

Monday, June 13, 2011

That was interesting music, Marty.

Chris' 39th birthday was last Wednesday and we celebrated in a very unique way.

Lately he's been getting into a genre of music called trance. He's always really liked electronic music. Trance is a sub genre of electronic. Usually it has no words. Being a fan of techno and dance music, it's ok. I prefer words in songs. And breaks. Trance has no breaks. So he finds out that his favorite trance dj's are playing at a club in Detroit on his birthday. It's a sign. He gets tickets and I freak out a little.

I have not been dancing at a club in 17 years and 100 pounds ago. I used to love going dancing. Ladies night at the Palace in Provo. Seriously did not leave the Modern Room ever. The Bay in Salt Lake City. Loved it. East Lansing was a little trickier. Lots more drinking and unsavory-ness going on. I tried out some place kinda by El Azteco. I can't remember the name. So Chris wants me to go dancing now...I had serious reservations. The last dancing I've done was at Lizzie's dance party in the basement to "California Gurls."

What am I going to wear? I'm pretty sure I couldn't wear crocs and a t-shirt. I still have the black Girbaud jeans that I used to rock in. I remember buying them with a roommate at BYU and when I tried them on she said, "Your butt looks hot." Of course I bought them. It's been a long time since anyone (other than Chris and he has to say it) has told me that my butt looks hot. I consulted several friends on what to wear and came up with something.

We arrive at the club and seriously at first it was like a church dance. Everyone was hugging the walls. I guess they had to let the alcohol take effect. The owner of the club wanted to buy us drinks because it was Chris' birthday. We talked with her at the bar for a bit. She was shocked and I'm talking "YOU DON'T EAT NO MEAT??" shocked when we told her we don't drink alcohol. What the heck are we doing there then? Seriously hook up speakers in the living room and dance for free. She gave us our Sprites and we sip on them. Chris was super excited. He really loves the music. Pretty soon people are dancing. More and more people come and it's really crowded. It was like trying to fit my whole ward in my living room. Girls are walking around with some kind of glowing drinks in test tubes. There's bottles of vodka with some kind of sparklers on them. I don't know. It was crazy.

Chris danced the whole time. He loved it! The DJ's that he wanted to see are called Above and Beyond. I danced a little. I liked it. I wish I could have sat down somewhere. There were no seats unless you purchased a booth and in order to purchase a booth, you had to purchase an entire bottle of alcohol for $275. Some of the bottles were $1000. I'm not kidding. It was a nice club. Not that I am a qualified judge. It just seemed nice.

We stayed until 2AM. I was dead tired. It was fun and I'm glad that Chris had a great time and loved it. I'm glad I'm married and happy and don't have to go out and do that every weekend.
Happy birthday, Chris! I'm glad we got to go do something so fun for your day!
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