Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekly Top Five 11/30/2009

If someone handed me $1M right now, Top Five things I'd Buy Before I went Home:

1. Complete new wardrobe including socks, shoes, underwear and coats.

2. I would call Molly Maids and have them clean all this crap up before I got home.

3. All new kitchen appliances, big and small.

4. A new pre-lit Christmas tree with colored lights.

5. Chips and Salsa.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So he yells out, "Ready, On your mark, Get set, " and I was so keyed up I just took off. By the time he said go I was ten yards ahead of everybody.

Tomorrow Chris is running in the Turkey Trot in Detroit. It's a 10K. He's been training for it since June. I am incredibly proud of him for setting this goal for himself and working so hard to achieve it. He gets up at 5am almost every day and runs or does some other form of exercise. He shows the most incredible will power as he resists the temptation of cheeseburgers and chocolate cake. Since beginning this program, he has lost over 50 pounds.

I wish I could be there to see his face after the race tomorrow. I'm sure crossing that finish line is going to be a very spiritual experience for him. Chris, you are amazing! Way to go! I love you so much!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Second? Seventh.

You know how you get behind on your journal and when you finally go to write in it so much time has gone by and it feels overwhelming so you just write something dumb like, "A lot has happened. Life is good. More later." That's how I feel about this blog lately.

I keep sitting down to write a post and it feels like too much has happened and i can't write anything.

Here's a brief summary of the last few weeks of our life.

Halloween was fun. Kids looked cute and got lots of candy. Cam's costume was my fav. He was Mario.

Lucy turned 2. I love her and being her aunt and being able to live 4 minutes(if you get all green lights) from her. She is funny and amazing and beautiful and smart and wonderful. Just like her mom.

I have had positive parent teacher conferences for my children which makes me very happy.

The Steeler board voted almost unanimously to hold their games at Central Middle School next season which guarantees our boys of at least half their games on Saturday. This is a good thing. Some extremely nice things were said about our boys at the meeting. And Chris was mentioned too as doing good things. I like that we are well thought of.

I am pregnant with baby #7. This was not a total shock to me as in other pregnancies. A few weeks after Lizzie was born I had a feeling that our next child would come to our family sooner than later. In fact, I am kind of surprised that it took as long as it did. This baby will be born in June. My actual date is June 22. I am feeling very nauseated, which is unusual for me. I usually feel just mildly nauseated but this time it's really bad. I'm hoping that it passes quickly. Thankfully, my children and Chris are so wonderful and kind and helpful. Thank you to those of you who have given positive congratulations. To those of you who haven't, please refer here.
We are all happy and excited about the new addition of Lucky #7.

Chris went to Houston for a week and we missed him terribly. His boss and boss' wife came over for dinner and actually threw a football around with my kids inside the house. How do you tell your husband's boss no football inside? I just smiled.

Lizzie cut her first tooth! Hooray! It does not seem to be affecting her attitude at all. It looks adorable.

Life is good. More later.
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