Monday, August 22, 2011

Random Thoughts from Jennifer Vos

I'm in a really bad mood.

It's really hard to have so many kids and today I'm really feeling it. My calendar over the next few weeks is incredibly busy. I feel like bricks are piled on my shoulders.

I have a lot of car seats. One is for Cameron that can move all over the place cuz it's really light and just uses the lapbelt. Lizzie and Genny's seats belt in with the latch system. Those latch hooks are so hard to get in and out. I really hate moving their seats around. I like to keep their seats on the ends of the first two benches closest to the doors because when I have to get them in the van it is so hard to hold on to both of them and climb in the van at the same time to get to the farther seats. If I let go of one of them, they will run away from me. So by putting their seats on the ends of the benches, I quickly and easily pop each girl up into their seat and then buckle them. I say quickly and easily but I really mean a little quicker and a little easier. It's still pretty slow and hard. I'm sorry to all the high school and middle school kids who I give rides to that have to climb over car seats to get to a seat. You are welcome to move them if you want to reattach them for me after you get out.

I have to say that I'm sorry to Tamara Howard for not being friendly when she first moved in to our ward. I am really scared to talk to people I don't know. I am worried what they might think of me. I'm fat and I don't dress cute. I had an experience about 13 years ago. We had just moved to Toledo and I didn't know too many people at church. I went to Relief Society and I told myself I was going to sit by someone who was alone and talk to her. I did but she was not receptive to my reaching out. She didn't reach back. It was awkward and uncomfortable and I told myself that I wouldn't do it anymore. I would just talk to people I knew from then on. And that's what I've done pretty much ever since. I wait until I get to know someone from playgroup or book club or a calling and then reach out. Tamara didn't do any of these things and I never got to know her. I didn't reach out or try to get to know her at all until we had to serve together in Young Women. And then I found out what an awesome person she is. And now she is moving away. What a waste. I vowed I wouldn't ever do that again.

I have put that promise into practice by reaching out to people who have come to our ward from the old Westland Ward. I've met lots of really great, nice women because I was willing to say, "Hi, my name is Jennifer Vos. Who are you?" Somehow I'm able to forget that I'm fat and frumpy. I try and focus on looking into their eyes and letting them know that I am sincerely welcoming them. It seems to be working ok. I wish I had a smile like my mom's. She had the greatest smile. It was so welcoming and reassuring. How could you not love her?

Facebook and social media and blogging is not the devil. I was really surprised when our Bishop used my name in his admonition yesterday that social media is a scourge. It really could have been taken wrong by members of the ward. I knew what he meant. A few years ago, he gave a talk about social media being bad and said he would call it "T squared W." Said to tell him if we figured it out. I figured out that it meant "total time waster." So he tells ward to beware social media and that it's a "T squared W" and just ask Jennifer Vos. Someone could take that to mean that Jennifer Vos wastes all her time on social media. Just ask her how that's working for her. It really took me aback. I wish he hadn't said my name. And I really don't think social media is a scourge.

I am doing the snack shack for Steeler Football again. I really love doing it. It's so much work. But I love helping and being involved. The boys had their first scrimmage on Saturday and their first game is this coming Saturday. I'm excited for it! They love playing so much and are really dedicated to it. The parents who participate as coaches and volunteers are some of the best people I have ever met. I'm so glad our family is involved in such a worthwhile organization.

Emily was moved up to the senior level of the varsity swim team. I'm so proud of her. Yesterday we were singing primary songs on the way to church and I picked "The Books of the New Testament." When it came to "Timothy, Timothy, Titus and Philemon," somehow I pronounced "Titus" as "Spidus." We all cracked up and then Emily held out her hands like Spiderman and yelled "Spidus!" We are going to add that to our "KISHKUMEN" joke.

I love my family.


Tess said...

How did we get to be such good friends? We never served together. I always thought you were friendly!

Jennifer said...

Our kids were friends. I think that's how.

Anna said...

what's the kishkumen joke?

GramMO said...

I love your writings. I love your smile. I love your kids. I love you. Thank you for including me in your circle...I am honored to be close to the Ballard girls. Your mom is truly awesomeness..Just look at you girls. If you could only see what others see. :) Next time you're putting the little girls in their seats, call upon that "Spidus" talent!

Jennifer said...

We were reading scriptures once and I read "Kishkumen" really funny. Really loud and with a lot of inflection. Now whenever anyone says "Kishkumen," they say it in a really funny way.

Lauren Bonney said...

I am being honest when I say that the bishop was totally out of line when he said that. It is not his place to say anything like. And I am so glad you reached out to me because I have had the same experience and I promised that I wouldn't let it happen again. Thanks for being a great friend to me! :D

Angie said...

I am so far behind on reading the blogs, and you are probably over your mood now - but I just want to say that you amaze me. I've told you that before, but I think you are way cool. :-) You were one of the first people who really welcomed me into the ward - maybe it was because I am fat and don't dress cool? I wasn't a fan of what was said in Sacrament meeting either, and yet I knew there had to be some explanation behind it. Sometimes people don't understand that things will be taken a certain way - I've certainly learned that several times in life!

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