Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When you control the mail, you control information.

I used to love to write letters and get letters. I had an expanding file folder with letters and cards that I wanted to send. I spent lots of money at Hallmark picking out cards that said the exactly right thing I wanted. I bought stamps by the roll. I wrote to my aunts. I wrote to my best friend and her brother in Michigan. I wrote to kids I met at smart camp. I wrote to my grandma. After I went to BYU, I wrote to Anna and my dad. After I got married, I wrote to the lady who was so nice to me at the temple when I got sealed to Chris. After I moved to Toledo, I wrote to my friends in East Lansing. I wrote to everyone.

And I loved to get mail. The mailman used to be my favorite person in the whole world. I loved him and the wonderful letters he brought to me from people all over the place. Was it a love letter or a cute card from my Aunt Mary or just a nice note from my friend Nancy? I would wait all day for the mail. First thing I did when I got home from anywhere was check the mail.

I'm ashamed to say that the internet and email and Facebook ruined me for letters. I haven't written a letter in months. I think the last letter I sent was to my grandma before she died and I had to borrow a stamp from my MIL in order to send it. I have no idea when I bought a stamp last. Why take the time to write a letter out by hand when I can just type a few lines out?

Lately I've noticed that I need to send more letters. My sister is a good letter writer, tho she too uses email alot, she still takes the time to keep in touch with people that are important to her. I need to be more like that. So many of my friends have moved away. I miss them so much and I need to take the time to say hi and find out how they are doing. Today in the mail we got a letter from Chris' cousin, Jay, who is fighting in Iraq. He took the time from fighting a war to send us a letter. I feel really ashamed that I have let this go.

So get ready. Get ready for mail from Jennifer Vos. Cuz it's coming to your computer and your mailbox and your phone inbox. It's headed to you wherever you are...


Anna said...

I love your babies

Michelle said...

I am massively in love with snail mail. It reminds me that there are several letters I've been procrastinating on as well.

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