Sunday, October 23, 2011

Aah, French fries.

I went to Cedar Point on Saturday. We took Chris' Teachers Quorum and Christopher, Emily, Spencer and another friend. It was really fun. I was a little bummed at first because I couldn't ride anything. I am a super coaster lover. I had not been to the Point since 2002. That's a really long time. Growing up, I used to go a couple of times a summer. It was my favorite thing. So it was a little disappointing to watch the Dragster blast off and not be on it and the Millenium Force go plummeting down and not be a part of it. Maybe I'll get a trip next summer.

Here's some things that made it experience worth it for me:

Handcut French Fries with cheese, vinegar and ketchup. I had two servings.

Cheese on a stick.

Going really slow on the Cadillac Cars so Christopher would run into me.

Hearing all the screams.

Running my hands on the railings of the wooden fence at the Gemini. Just feeling the smooth, wooden railings worn down by 30 years of riders made my whole day. I seriously love the Gemini. I know its not the biggest or the fastest but it is definitely my favorite coaster of all time.

Watching all my boys love the Mine Ride.


Being with Chris and laughing and talking while we waited for kids on rides.

It was a great day. I can't wait to go again and actually ride stuff!


Anna said...

that pic of Em in your header is adorable. Are they all 3 (or as close as can be) in those pics?

Anna said...

sent you an award. Pick it up...pass it on. Love you.

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