Wednesday, February 1, 2012

oh is it two-ply? cause it it's two-ply I'll take one ply, one ply, one, one puny little ply, I'll take one measly ply

I have great success with potty training, but it hasn't always been so.

When Emily was about a year old, my mean grandma berated me that she wasn't potty trained yet. All of her babies were potty trained at 7 months old. I felt like a horrible mother and went out and bought a book called, "How to potty train in a day." We tried it and it was a disaster. I forced her to use the potty and she had a lot of accidents. She just wasn't physically and verbally ready to do it. She was about 2 before she didn't have accidents. So basically, I spent a year potty training her.

With Christopher I tried the same thing when he was about 18 months. I really wanted them to go to nursery potty trained. He was even harder. He got the pee part down pretty fast but the pooping was another story. He pooped everywhere but in the toilet. He pooped on the other side of a closed door. When I opened the door, guess what I stepped in? He pooped in Anna's shoe. He pooped everywhere. It took about 9 months to get him to not poop everywhere. Nine months is a long time to be scrubbing poopy underwear. And poopy carpet.

I got smart with Calvin and listened to a wise friend who told me to wait until they are ready. Even if they are three. Skeptically, I took her advice. When I thought Calvin was old enough to grasp the concepts and do it, I started asking him every day if he wanted to wear underwear. He said no everyday for about 3 months straight. The stigma of having a child over the age of 3 not potty trained was KILLING me. Finally on the busiest day of my life (I had a million things going on that day), he says yes he wants to wear underwear. And he did and had maybe one accident in a week and never a poopy accident and was potty trained completely in about two weeks. Including bed time.

I was blown away. My friend was right. You just need to wait. Even though all the mom's at play group are trying to potty train their 18 month olds. Even though the commercials show kids barely 2 going on the potty. Even though you have to spend money on diapers for a little longer. Just wait. This method worked with Spencer, Cameron and Lizzie. Lizzie has been wearing underwear for a week now and has had a total of 1 accident. She wants to wear underwear to bed and has woken up dry each time. It's the best method of potty training ever.


Diana said...

Amen! It kills me to watch moms torture themselves to potty train on their time frame. Carter wasn't potty trained until nearly 3 1/2. Anderson was just over 3. I know plenty of moms (of boys especially) who think that 2 is a great age. No. No it is not. And it drives me nuts when they claim their little guy is trained and then they are cleaning underwear or carpet on a regular basis because that is certainly not potty trained. Can you tell I have a very strong opinion about this? :) I'm glad your wise friend helped you out so long ago so you haven't had to be so frustrated the last few times! Yea for Lizzie.

Angie said...

Completely agree! My grandma claims her babies were all trained before 1 too. I simply don't believe her. :)

We sort of forced it on Morgan, in preparation for Elise to come and we didn't want 2 in diapers. She did "okay" but it really took about a year before we were accident free.

Elise was my easiest, because we waited until she was ready. Just shy of 3, she decided it was time and she was just done with diapers and that was it.

Ashlyn was a different story because I was definitely sold on the "when they are ready" but Ashlyn never seemed to be ready. At about 3 I started suggesting it and she just said no. Finally about 3-1/2 I started putting her in underwear and she had lots of accidents before she finally mastered it. But she was probably nearing kindergarten before she really wanted to be done with accidents. She's even had a few accidents in school. She's just too busy with other things to go in the potty sometimes. Sigh.

Anna said...

You pooped in my shoe. Thanks for the good advice.

travelingmom said...

I love your blog. I'm always happy to see when I have a post from you! I'm not sure I have ever commented, but I'm reading! I'm so happy for your family and the joy another child will bring to your house. :) We miss you guys, tell your family we said hello. About toilet training, we like the laid back approach ourselves. After three, and when they showed desire worked for us. Love, Angela McFadden

Stacie said...

Hooray! I didn't know about this development. Yay for one less kiddo in diapers!

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