Friday, April 6, 2012

Mom Academy Awards

The 3rd Annual Mom Academy Awards were held last weekend and they were spectacular, as usual. The location, home of Sue Barfuss, was primo this year. It was lovely to have so many fun, talented, wonderful women together for an evening.

This year, we once again gave out the coveted "Spoony." 30 moms were awarded their Spoony in 30 unique categories. New this year, were tributes written by husbands and children, and read aloud to each mom. After all were read, few dry eyes were left in the room. It's nice to be appreciated by those we work so hard for day in and day out. I love the Mom Award's night. I'm so glad so many people were able to participate this year!

Here's a complete list of the winners:

Patti Banka: Most Well Read Mom
Sue Barfuss: Renaissance Mom (Cuz she's so good at everything)
Amy Benson: The Coolest Mom
Ramona Bertrand: Most Patient Mom
Penny Bitner: Best Hair and Makeup Mom
Yoshimi Burnside: World Traveler Mom
Buffie Christensen: Do it Yourself Mom
Rachel Clawson: Great Decorator Mom
Courtney Cope: Outdoorsy Mom
Stacie Dalebout: Mom who is always thinking of others
Angie Gardner: No Sleep Mom
Leah Goering: Savvy Shopper Mom
Kristie Hicks: Social Butterfly Mom
Senta Hill: Mom with the Best Sense of Humor
Serena Humes: Newest Mom
Kayla McEwen: Multilingual Mom
Nadine Medley: Most Supportive Mom
Valerie Mercado: Sporty Mom
Teresa Murphy: Most Organized Mom
Lisa Nielsen: Volunteer Mom
Mari Noble: Iron Chef Mom
Anna Onofrio: Best Blogger-Seamstress-Crafty Mom
Esther Rogers: Fashion Plate Mom
Teresa Strum: Miss Congeniality Mom
Cathy Sullivan: Scriptorian Mom
Bethany Swalberg: Mom always Serving others
Jennifer Vos: Taxi Mom
Tami Valgardson: Happiest Mom
Deanna Wilkerson: Most Experienced Mom
Becca Winder: Musical Mom


Michelle said...

I know I told you last year, but this is the CUTEST idea. Love it.

Anna said...

It was awesome this year! You should win super mom or life time achievement award.

Stacie said...

I won an award without being there? I feel special! You guys are so awesome! I definitely plan to make it next year. Looks like such fun!

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