Monday, August 13, 2012

You slept on the floor huh? We slept outside with the bugs and the wild animals. A bridge nearly killed us. Nobody knows where the hell Redbud is. And we haven't eaten since yesterday morning. So stay the hell out of our way and keep your mouth *shut*!

We moved into a new house on June 18.  It is the most beautiful house and I want to live in it until I die.  Moving was not the most fun thing I've ever done but we survived and it was less painful that I anticipated.  We had so much help from great friends.  The house didn't really need any remodeling or updating but we did a few things to modify it for our family.  We finished the basement and made a sleeping area and play area for the kids.  We put in an egress window that I hope we never have to use.  We built a banquette in the kitchen area so that we can all fit around the table to eat.  We painted alot of the rooms.  I am sitting here trying to figure out which room is my favorite and it's really hard.  I really love the master bath.  It has glass block windows making up part of the shower and two shower heads.  I really love the quiet living room.  I really love the first floor laundry room.  I really love the colors in the girls room.  I really love the view out of Emily's bedroom window.  I really love the landscaping and the great variety of the plants.  I really love the space the boys have to sleep and play.  Seriously, I love almost everything about this house!  Two things I want to change still are the fixtures in the first floor bath.  They are a little ugly.  And the counter in the kids bath.  Also ugly.  But overall I love my house.  Every morning I wake up and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.  Here's some pictures and I will try to take some more of things I missed and post them later.

 This is the living room.  I got that couch off Craigslist for way cheap and I love it.


kristi said...

It is a beautiful house!!! Your family goes perfect with it :)

Anna said...

I love it too. :)

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