Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's not a top, it's a bra.

Last week Calvin had a band concert and he and his fellow musicians did a really excellent job.  The weather was very hot for the evening of the concert and since Central has no air condition, the teacher told the students they could dress down for the event.  Shorts, skirts and casual shirts were permissible.  They were still supposed to follow the dress code of school.

They didn't.

I saw more bra straps that night than I do browsing through Victoria's Secret.  Why is it acceptable for young girls (or any female) to expose bra straps like they are part of the outfit?  It's ugly and dumb.

The skirts were so short even though they were directed that "when a relaxed arm is hanging by one's side, the fingers MUST touch fabric."  There was one skirt that was so short, I was sure I was going to see the girl's underwear.  Don't parents look at their kids when they get in the car?

And so I am lamenting the lack of modesty in the dress of youth today. 

I'm so tired of picking up my kids from school and seeing bra straps, spaghetti straps, short shorts and skirts,  incredibly tight pants and tops and yoga pants.  And I am sad. Sad that no one is teaching girls that this isn't good for them.  It's sending the wrong message.  

Boys have biological responses to these clothes that they cannot control without a great deal of effort.  Especially young teenage boys.  My poor boys know they are supposed to only have clean thoughts.  So they start out the day with clean thoughts.  But then they get to school and see bra straps.  Their minds wander to bras and boobs and they have to try so hard to bring their minds back to clean thoughts.  Luckily I have good boys who do this.  What about the boys who don't?  Their minds are going from bras to boobs to all over the place.  No wonder my daughter laments that boys are pigs and gross and treat girls badly.  How can they be nice and respectful to girls when girls are advertising themselves in such a demeaning manner?  

If there are any girls out there who want to date my sons, I am saying right now that you will not go with my boys in immodest clothes.  I'm not going to have it.  I'm sorry if it's harsh or mean but I'm protecting my boys.  And that includes prom dresses.  

I don't even want to get started on yoga pants.  Let me just say that I wore yoga pants in high school.  I wore them under my skirt and they were called TIGHTS.  Wear yoga pants if you are doing yoga or exercising.  But that's it!

There's a dress code at school but it's not enforced.  Emily and Christopher say nothing happens to the kids who violate it.  So really nothing will change.  I'm not going to get all Felice Martin on everyone but I'm going to complain about it here to my one reader.  Anna, I hope you enjoyed this and got my Felice Martin reference.  ;)


Michelle said...

Boys and girls both have biological responses to each other at this age. It is a part of puberty and normal human sexuality.

I'm not saying that kids should dress provocative, but this comes across really demeaning to girls. You're virtually saying that they are responsible for boys' sexual responses, like they aren't responsible for their own actions or thoughts. Boys are responsible for their own self control regardless of what someone is wearing.

Jennifer said...

I said girls lack of coverage makes it harder for boys to control their natural responses. Boys have the choice to try and control it. Why make it harder for them to do this? I know its not a popular stance. The world tells us it's ok for a girl to dress however she wants and still expect to be treated with respect. I don't agree. I'm old-fashioned and I'm ok with that.

Lauren Marco said...

I don't like the bra strap thing either and the crotch view of girls in yoga pants ick! but what I am so sick of seeing is women of all ages with their underwear well above their pant waist sometimes cracks showing and cleavage ballooning out of obviously too tight shirts and bras. And then they complain that piggish men, boys make crude comments. Um yeah that's who is looking.

Sorry had too many eyefuls today at the zoo and it was mostly Moms trying to look like teenagers. Kid friendly venue but not a kid friendly view!

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