Thursday, August 8, 2013

I would drape myself in velvet if it was socially acceptable.

I recently came across a copy of my dad's obituary.  I hate it.  It makes me feel terrible awful.

We wrote it with the funeral home guy.  It was me and Chris and Anna there.  He asked us all kinds of questions.  I had never done an obituary before.  I didn't know there was certain protocol that was expected to be in obituaries.

After it was published, I found out that we did it wrong.

We put in every one's middle names.  Including my grandma's middle name.  Which was Maedream.  Apparently she didn't want anyone to know that.  Maedream  Maedream Maedream.

Also, we didn't include my aunt's names.  I now know that an obituary should look like this Bruce R. (Betty) Ballard.  The funeral home guy didn't ask us our aunt's names I guess.

When we saw my grandma after the obituary was published she was sure to tell me that it was the worst obituary she ever saw.  She said it was a travesty and an embarrassment.  Those were her exact words.

I wish I could forget what she said but I don't think I ever will.


Brenda said...

Wow, that is a tough memory. Nothing to beat yourself up about though. You did your best under the circumstances. I am sure she has forgiven you by now and probably feels terrible for the hurt it caused you --- and still does.

Charity Rivers said...

I think you should write the obituary you would of liked it to have been. You have the forum of FB. Really, I dont even remember what my Grandparents obituaries said I remember all the wonderful memories I have with them. I'm sorry your Grandma made that comment. Sometimes the only good that comes out of hurt feelings like that is that we know how it affects people and we think of how our words affect others before we say them. Youre a lovely person Jennifer Lynn (Christopher) Vos.

patrick onofrio said...

Your heart was in the right place as it always is, Jen. I think the idea of rewriting it is a good one. (but leave in Maedream. I love that name it's why our Lu has Mae

Your heart was in the right place under those horrible circumstances. I think rewriting it is a great idea(but leave in Maedream. Dream of our Lu now. sing it to 'Sha boom sha boom...' it fits and is really happy. MOm O


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