Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The bunny...the bunny...oh I love the bunny.

Here's one more reason to hate our dog.

Yesterday, she attacked a baby bunny in our back yard. I was in the house and Spencer and Cameron were out playing in the sandbox. Spencer witnessed the attack and heard the bunny "cry." He chased Nala away and scooped up the tiny bunny and put her in the dump truck that he was playing with. He brought her in the house and called for me. It was very sad. She was bleeding from two wounds where Nala's sharp teeth got her. I could see her meat under her skin. I wrapped her in an old sock because I thought that I could wrap it tight to keep pressure on her wounds. Chris took us to the Humane Society of Huron Valley. I held her in the sock the whole way. She was awake and breathing. The nice people at the Humane Society took the bunny and assured us that they would do everything they could to save her and then return her to the wild.

Good job, Spencer! You are a hero!


GramMO said...

Ohhhhhhhh, What a fine boy Spencer is :) A good deed for one so small to one so small. The world is a great place. We all need to look out for one another. Thank you, Spencer, for reminding us.

Emily said...

More jewels on your heavenly crown Spencer!

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