Friday, August 7, 2009

The rest of us are all probably going to die of heart attacks and strokes long before you.

I was going to do my "Weekly Top Five" on Monday as my Top Five Favorite John Hughes movies. I just sat down to do it and as I starting typing the list, there are just too many more than five to make a list like that.

My all time favorite John Hughes movie is "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." I saw it for the first time at a sleepover in the 6th grade and it captivated me in a way no movie I'd ever seen before. After seeing it, I knew I had entered my teenage years. I was no longer a child. In high school, a friend and I spent one entire sleep over memorizing the words. The entire screenplay. There were people we knew that looked like some of the characters and we would call them by the names in the movie. We had secret theories about a possible relationship between Cameron and Sloane. I am always on the look out for a good Cameron look alike. I spotted one on an opposing swim team once and secretly took pictures of him through the whole meet. I named my son Cameron, for Pete' sake! I really love this movie.

The rest can't be put in an order. They are all pretty special. "Sixteen Candles" was first seen at my 18th surprise birthday party. My friend gave me a copy of it and I watched it over and over again. If Chris dies, I'm giving my heart to Jake Ryan. "The Breakfast Club" was one that I saw too young and it took until I was older to understand some of it. In 8th grade, I had to do a group project with some kids. We gave our group the name "Neo Maxi Zoom Dweebies." I saw "Some Kind of Wonderful" at another sleepover. I was enthralled with the lead's hair and got a cut just like hers. My friend and I watched "Weird Science" at her older sisters house every time we visited her. I remember watching "Mr. Mom" when I was 10 on a family vacation to Mackinac Island. The hotel had HBO! It was awesome! The summer before we got married, Chris and I watched "Vacation" over and over again. We would sing the "Marty Moose" song to each other all the time. We watch "Christmas Vacation" every year after we put up the Christmas tree. "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" is oft quoted at Thanksgiving. "She's having a Baby" was THE date movie to watch at BYU. I probably saw it at least 10 times when I was there. "The Great Outdoors," "Home Alone" and "Uncle Buck" are newer movies that I love and have started sharing with my kids. How can you not love John Hughes movies?

One of the best things about them are the soundtracks. So many of my very favorite songs are from John Hughes movies. Here's a list of my very favorites. Go get them on your ipods. You won't be sorry.

"Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds
"I go Crazy" by Flesh For Lulu
"If you were here" by The Thompson Twins
"The Edge of Forever" by The Dream Academy
"Pretty in Pink" by the Psychedelic Furs
"Weird Science" by Oingo Boingo
"Young Americans" by David Bowie
"Turning Japanese" by the Vapors
"True" by Spandau Ballet

Don't you just want to grab a friend and watch your favorite one? I do!


Lil said...

I am so with you! I wish we did live closer and I would totally do a marathon!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE those movies and the songs you picked are the best. Gotta to show love to Cameron...I have already sung the "Let My Cameron Go" song to my new boy. I seriously felt like I had lost a part of my childhood when I heard John Hughes had died. His movies were a rite of passage for our time...

Suzy said...

Huge Hughes fans over here too. My top three for a long time were 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, and Breakfast Club. I kind of wanted to BE Molly Ringwald when I was younger.

I'd be in for a JH Marathon too if we were closer. Bummer.

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