Friday, August 14, 2009

What are you a wacko?

I think that a really good place for a dirty jock strap and athletic supporter is at the threshold of the living room/dining room.


GramMO said...

Well you could be in 8th grade and get it stuck on your foot in the middle of a busy hallway......right in front of a bunch of hooohaaing boys(brats) That happened to my older sister. She didn't know what it was (not much occasion to see or even hear about something like that in a house full of sisters)and ran to the principal's office bawling. Jr. High was not her favorite place.

Courtney said...

Jen, have you ever seen that old Sesame Street movie, "Follow That Bird"? I'm wondering if you got "What are you a wacko?" from that movie or if it's in another movie too. :-)

Jennifer said...

I took it from that movie. Its one of my favorites! You stole my apple!

Courtney said...

LOL! It's one of my favorites too. I bought the dvd on ebay a few years ago. It's funny, I just watched it a few weeks ago and I tried to get Addison to watch. She wasn't into it.

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