Thursday, October 1, 2009

I’m a good noodle! I’m a good noodle!

Cameron started preschool a few weeks ago. He is going with 7 other children from church and we moms are taking turns doing the teaching in our homes. So far, Cameron has really loved it. He has been bringing home very interesting facts and pictures. At his first week he had to take in something he really liked. He took a picture of Blue from "Blue's Clues." The next week, he reported to me that he has bones in his body. Lots of them. Last week, he learned about good and bad foods and is trying to make a new food group for cookies and candy. This week, we had preschool Olympics. They made torches and flags and participated in a variety of events. He even won gold medals. Cameron is having a great time with his friends and he is learning! I'm thankful for fun, intelligent and creative moms to share this with.


Lil said...

Love Joy School!!! I was able to do that program with Kaden in TC, but no one Lillian's age in our Branch here. :(

GramMO said...

Adorable!!! (Thank you for sending an email...I lost contact since it's not a llink on Annadotes anymore)You moms are doing a terrific job!

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