Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jerry, it was a whirlwind. They whisked us backstage, the media is sworming, champagne is flowing...whooo! I can't describe how great it is to win.

Last Thursday, we held the 2nd Annual Mom's Academy Awards.

We had some good food and good conversation. We played a couple of "mom" themed games. We watched a fun "mom" video and then handed out the coveted 2011 Golden Goblet Awards.

I hope that everyone who attended felt uplifted and had their decision to be a mom reaffirmed as the best decision they ever made.

Here's the list of the winners:

1. Most compassionate mom—Rachelle Beer

2. Most musical mom—Bethany Swalberg
3. Most athletic mom—Rachel Clawson
4. Fashion Plate Mom—Esther Rogers (2 time winner)
5. Most patient mom—Ramona Bertrand
6. Renaissance Mom (Great at everything)—Mari Noble
7. Beauty Queen Mom—Teresa Strum
8. Best Juggler (I mean her schedule)—Sue Barfuss
9. Best seamstress/crafty mom—Anna Onofrio
10. Mom that always greets everyone with her beautiful smile—Kimberlee Jensen
11. Most out of the box mom—Cathy Sullivan

12. Most organized mom—Teresa Murphy and Buffie Christensen
13. Mom most often found taxiing kids—Jennifer Vos
14. Mom with the best sense of humor—Melissa Farnsworth
15. Greenest Mom—Becky Soubeyrand

16. Newest Mom--Nettie
17. Most Plugged in mom—Patti Banka

18. Saavy Shopper mom—Becca Winder

19. Mom Happiest to Volunteer—Lisa Nielsen

22. Most punctual Mom—Angie Gardner


Michelle said...

I remember you talking about this last year. LOVE this idea.

Stacie said...

I'm glad it was such a fun night! I will have to try for next year....

Anna said...

I love mom are the best party planner.

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