Friday, May 27, 2011

Remember what your parents said, James... Try looking at it another way!

Has anyone read the book "James and the Giant Peach?" It's one of my favorites. Remember the part where James is given the back of green, squiggly crocodile tongues and told that they are magic and he starts running with the bag and (if memory serves) he trips and rips the bag and the little green squiggly things fall all over the ground and they start to disappear into the ground and James is frantically trying to get them back but it's too late and pretty soon they are all gone. I remember that part. I remember feeling so sad for James who tried so hard to catch the magic but it was gone.

I feel like James trying to catch those squiggly green things.

My babies are growing up so fast. Emily is almost 16. She wants to drive and talks about college. My older boys are modest about dressing in front of me. They like privacy now. Cameron is starting Kindergarten in the fall. Genny took her first step on Tuesday. I don't want this magical time to be gone.

I am frantically trying to keep up with them. I am pleased and proud with every new step they take yet I become a bit sad too as they move from stage to stage and progress. I am amazed by how these two opposing feelings can both be present within my heart. Grieving over what I am losing and yet delight with what is gained.

James didn't know when he dropped that bag that something wonderful and magical was about to happen in his life. I can't see it yet either. But I know it's there.


Stacie said...

Love this! As a mother, I feel it too. You said it perfectly: "Grieving over what I am losing and yet delight with what is gained."

Genny took her first step--hooray!

Anna said...

After reading this, I dreamt Emily was leaving for college. It was sad but I was happy because I had a new Burberry coat. Weird.

Lucys not allowed to go anywhere. I told her she has to be three forever.

Emily said...

you never know.... i could be turning into a big giant peach....

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