Monday, December 19, 2011

Soup and snowpeas

Yesterday in church I was watching a father and his teenage daughter. For some of the meeting he had his arm around her in a nice comforting, fatherly way. For a while she had her head on his shoulder. It was very sweet.

There's nothing quite like a dad and a daughter. I was thinking of my dad and how it was a treat when he would sit on the couch and you could sit next to him. He didn't sit on the couch very often because he was usually in his wheelchair. But once in a while, he would transfer over to the couch and I would hurry next to him and snuggle up to him and it was wonderful.

Anna would sit on the back of his wheelchair, kind of like a bird on a perch, and watch TV with him. I can remember when he was in bed, I would sit on the wheelchair next to him and talk and talk. Anna liked to sit on his pull up bar and talk and talk.

I wonder if he ever got tired of all of our girl talking and talking.

If he did, he never let on.


Anna said...

I forgot about sitting on the back of dads chair. :) girl dads are the best.

GramMO said...

I'm sure he never did get tired of you two. I think girl dads must have an understanding of the privilege it is to be a hero about ordinary things.

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