Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fourteen years down the drain.

I throw up alot. Multiple times a day. Morning. Afternoon. Night. Any time.

Usually it's a smell that hits me. Like chicken or fish or cologne or poop or basically any smell that is strong. Good or bad. My husband is forbidden from wearing cologne for the next four months because I just can't take it. I hugged a woman at church on Sunday and almost threw up down her back because the perfume smell was sickening.

If Chris wants a kiss, he knows the drill. He must scrinch up his lips really tight so not one bit of air or saliva can escape. He can lightly brush my lips but must never ever exhale when he is close to me so that I don't get a whiff of his breath and have to make a mad dash to the toilet.

I threw up at Kroger outside the pop can return area. I threw up at Meijer at the Lobster tank. I threw up while driving the car, inside a bag. After, I hoped the bag just had some trash or something unimportant in it. It had Calvin's scriptures in it. He got new ones for Christmas.

I was going to throw up yesterday and Cameron could tell the signs. "Hurry, Mom," he says, "put a wipe under your nose. And use this cup." As I threw up in the cup, he ran and got me a can of coke, which settles my stomach. Lizzie rubbed my arm and said, "It's ok, Mama. It's ok." Emily laughs at how I can lean over the sink one minute, throw up and then turn and finish making dinner. But sometimes I just can't finish it. And then Chris is wonderful and brings home pizza.

I'm going to be 24 weeks on Friday and I wish, wish, wish that this throwing up would end. But I have a feeling that it's going to be with me all the way to May 5.


Michelle said...

Have you tried getting a prescription for anti-nausea meds? It was the only thing that helped my cousin's wife. She was sick the whole time too, poor thing.

Jennifer said...

Yes I take Zofran 2-3 times a day. It doesn't seem to be doing anything.

Anna said...

Um...throwing up on the scriptures...funnier than Zippy.

Diana said...

Yep...done the thowing up in the sink but not because I was cooking dinner...I think I was cleaning out a sippy cup of old milk. I shutter at the thought. I hope the next 4 months go by quickly and that there are no more scripture incidents or throwing up will get kind of pricey! You have such sweet children. Come to think of it I think my boys would see me run to the bathroom the last two years and whisper to themselves "she's going to throw up." oh the memories. I am grateful everyday not to be pregnant! Why can't we just have babies without the misery of pregnancy? Many women have posed this question I am sure of it!

patrick onofrio said...

Ohhhh Jen I'm sorry my magic wand hasn't worked lately...I would so wand it your way. I think the reason we don't get to have children more easily is because their price and prize is so far above anything we could pay. You make lovely humans.. your sacrifice is worth it I'm sorry it's not more enjoyable right now. Here's wishing you a non-odorous day. GraMO

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