Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Random Thoughts and Happenings

Just a few random things...

If the word "douchebag" is offensive to you, do not read on.

I need an alternate word for "DB."  It's such an awful word.  But it nails, so perfectly, what a guy who is a DB is.  It's Stef from "Pretty in Pink" and Chet from "Weird Science" and White from "Dodgeball."  They don't just exist in movies.  They are in real life too.  I can spot them in a second.  I have great DB-dar.  They are worse than just a "bad guy" because they seem to have no soul, no redeeming goodness.  So if I'm discussing a DB with Chris in the kitchen or my older kids are lamenting a DB from school with small children present, "DB" isn't a good word for them to hear and repeat.  I need another word, but it has to capture the essence of "DB."  Send me your ideas.

Football season is over.  Calvin finished his season with his teams 5th trip to the Super Bowl and 4th win in a row.  His team is pretty amazing.  It's a group of boys and group of coaches that love each other.  Seriously.  Not one DB in the bunch.  ;)  He came home from his banquet and put his head on my shoulder for a while trying to hold back tears that wouldn't be held back.  I patted his back and just let him let them out.  He's so sad the experience is over.  I wanted to tell him that high school will be just like this.  That there will be other awesome teams.  But I honestly don't know if there will.  What he was a part of was truly magical and sometimes you only experience it once or twice in life.

Some of my aunts came over for dinner on Saturday.  Anna and I cooked for them.  It was so fun and so joyous.  It was like having 6 different pieces of my mother here with me.  I learned two very wonderful things from them.  1.  My grandma, mother of 12, took naps every day.  Phew!  I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one who needs naps.  It's in my genes!  2.  My mom liked to put her fingers in her sisters' mouths while she slept.  That's where Teddy got it from!  His grandma!  It's in his genes!
Six aunts, one cousin, one 2nd cousin, one daughter and one sister.  And me.

I like three pillows when I sleep.  Three squishy pillows.  One of my pillows disappeared several months ago.  I was very sad.  I searched high and low but never found it.  I had to make do with two pillows.  Then last week, another pillow disappeared.  Again it's gone and no one has seen it or taken it.  It up and vanished like a fart in the wind.  So now I'm down to one lonely pillow.  I hate it.  What happened on Monday night?  You guessed it, pillow #3 disappeared.  Ugh.  I was so tired that night and I didn't want to stomp around the house looking for my pillows.  I spied my shams across the floor and decided I'd take a sham out and sleep on that for the night.  Hopefully my pillows would turn up in the morning.  I took the pillow out of it's pretty sham case and lo and's my first missing pillow!  Then last night, I found pillow #2!  So one more and I'm back to sleeping in my usual comfort.  I don't know why I thought anyone would find that interesting.

Someone needs to explain to me Common Core and why I should love it or hate it.

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