Monday, February 8, 2010

So, Little Children, Let's You and I, Try, Try to be like Him. Try, Try, Try

Yesterday during Primary Brother Kimball brought his favorite picture of Jesus and showed it to the children and talked about why it was his favorite. His favorite picture happens to be my favorite also. When I was a little girl, this picture hung in my room next to my bed. I can remember lying in bed looking at the picture and imagining that I was the girl that Jesus was looking at. I imagined that the other children in the picture were my cousins: Jeremy, Justin and Kara. I wondered what it would be like if Jesus visited us.

I've often heard that if Jesus were going to visit a church that the first places that he would visit would be the Nursery and the Primary. I believe that is true. Children are so sweet and pure. Even the difficult ones. I would rather spend my Sunday with a room full of difficult children than anywhere else.

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Suzy said...

I have that picture in our living room...has always been one of my favorites too.

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