Thursday, February 4, 2010

We had a mess of theories about how to raise children. We still have a mess of children, but no theories

Often I have people ask me, "How do you do it?" They mean raise 6 children and still have a bit of sanity.

When I really stop and think about it, I know that it's easy. It's easy because I have GREAT children.

I'm gonna gush and brag here for a little bit. I don't do it very often so please indulge me.

Lately, I've been very nauseated. The slightest odd smell from poopy diaper, to vomit, to burnt toast to garlic can send me heading for the nearest drain. Emily has really stepped up. She has had to change diapers, cook meals, clean and take care of so many "mom" things while I try and get through this time.

Often, she does this kind of stuff for me when I'm feeling fine too. She'll ask to put Lizzie to bed and I'll hear her in Lizzie's room singing to her and playing with her as she lays her down. She'll take care of laundry and cleaning that I know she doesn't really love but does because she knows how much it helps me.

Christopher is so good at helping out when he is needed. He heads out at the first bit of snowfall to clean the driveway. He is great at cleaning out the van, hanging up shirts, taking care of kids. This spring I am going to teach him how to mow the lawn. I know he looks forward to it.

Calvin is my speedy helper. Ask him to do something and he does it quick and is right back for another assignment. He is the best floor sweeper I've ever seen and also is great with Lizzie. I can trust him to take good care of her if I need him to.

Spencer is something of an enigma. Spencer cleans without being asked. He will wash dishes, sweep, put things away, vacuum all on his own. Yesterday he told me that he organized the dirty clothes in the laundry room for me. Indeed he had. Everything was neatly stacked in baskets. He loves to clean and organize. I can take no credit for it. It's all Chris.

Cam has yet to show any special skills towards anything other than making messes. However, after he is put to bed every night he always visits my room at least once for another kiss. His lips pucker up in the sweetest way as he tells me he loves me.

And Lizzie puts up with being last. She tolerates our fly by the seat of our pants schedule. She greets me each morning with the best hug. She eats what she's given and rarely puts up a fuss.

Sometimes I feel like the Country Bunny with the Little Gold Shoes. I am the luckiest mom in the world to have such wonderful children and I love and appreciate them with all my heart.


Diana said...

I do have to say I wonder how you keep your sanity. I barely have mine and I have two very sweet helpful boys much like some of yours. I was just thinking this afternoon as I lay in bed how intense and fierce a mothers love is. It makes life much easier and happier when we stop and think about how fabulously blessed we are to with our kids instead of dwelling on the times they are driving us nuts, but then maybe yours never drive you nuts. That wouldn't surprise me since you do seem to have such great kids. When do you find out what this baby is? I hope soon!

Tiffany W. said...

It sounds wonderful!!

Jennifer said...

They drive me nuts at least 10 times a day.

GramMO said...

Isn't it nice how things have a way of working themselves out. You have a wonderful family. They are all welcome at my house anytime. How about coming to the zoo this summer?

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