Friday, March 19, 2010

Random Thoughts by Jennifer Vos

We've had varying degrees of flu badness in our house over the past week. Poor Lizzie had it the worst, having thrown up three times all over herself in her bed. Poor girl! I spent most of Thursday sick in bed. Did absolutely nothing except cuddle Lizzie.

Chris' dad had unexpected surgery on Wednesday. He is recovering and goes back into the hospital on next Wednesday for a valve replacement on his heart.

I hate my ob. I went for an appointment today. She made me do the glucose tolerance test even though I did it already at my previous doctor. It is so hard to gag down that drink when you are already feeling nauseated. She also said that my previous doctor didn't perform the correct tests and so I had an unexpected pelvic exam. Not sure how many pelvic exams I've had in my life...I'm gonna guesstimate 20ish...I've never had a painful one. This one was awful! She poked and pinched and stretched. I hated it. Lizzie hated it too. She was sitting her in her stroller and the minute I laid down, she started screaming. Must have known it was awful. Then the doctor listened to baby, measured me and done. Didn't ask me how I am feeling. Nothing. I miss my midwife who gives me a hug and chats and cares. I think maybe the doctor doesn't like me. (Jerry, don't say that!) I know it's hard to believe that someone wouldn't like me.

On that same note, there's someone else who doesn't like me and it's really bugging me. I don't know why I care so much. She's not in my circle of friends. I don't really interact with her that much but when I do, I can feel the disdain she has for me. She hasn't accepted my friend request on FB even though she has accepted all of our mutual friends. I just can't figure it out. Maybe I'm not as great as I thought I was. ;)

Tonight I'm going to play Bunco for the first time at a friend's house. I can't even describe the level of excitement I have over this event. I'm serious. I am so excited. The funny thing is, I have no idea how to play. I know it involves dice. That's about it. My mom used to play Bunco. I remember when it was her turn to host, we made all kinds of goodies and she would go to the store and buy special tally sheets and prizes. She would put me to bed and then her friends would come and I would sneak down the hall and watch them. My mom loved playing so I'm sure I'm going to too.

My Blackberry officially died. I feel very disconnected to the world.

I am rooting for Big Mike and Siobhan on American Idol. I wish Siobhan had straighter teeth though.


lissyfarnz said...

I am SO SORRY you had to drink that DREADFUL glucose drink TWICE! I'm having a fit of sympathy nausea just reading your post. Hope things get better soon!

Anna said...

I'm sorry about your crappy doctor. I'm excited for Bunco too. :)

Michelle said...

I am totally intrigued by Bunco! I've never played, but people tell me it's super easy. You'll have to update on how it went.

Kim Chapman said...

1. I think you're as great as you do, so who cares what what's her bucket does?
2. Bunco is SO fun. I used to be in a group in Utah and miss is dearly. You're going to love it!
3. If Siobhan wins, she can afford straighter teeth (and to maybe have nose ring removed, although I'm guessing it's not a priority)
4. Change doctors!!!

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