Tuesday, March 30, 2010

There is more than one way to spread your wings.

Saturday was the YW broadcast at church with the Mother/Daughter dinner beforehand. I had fun with Emily. I embarrassed her by getting in line for food before she thought we should. She gave me the blackberries from her dessert. I love blackberries. We made baby blankets as a service project.

We sat in the chapel and listened to the speakers tell the YW some very important things. I sat there hoping that Emily was taking the things they said to heart. I was also listening for things that pertained to me. Things that I could do to draw closer to the Lord. I was struck when one of the speakers talked about girls and mothers and grandmothers all working on personal progress. This was something I could do! While Emily is working on her personal progress, I can do it too.

I've completed the personal progress program twice in my life. Once as a youth and once as a leader. Now I'm doing it as a mother. I've decided to do it in a very straightforward way. I am going to choose a value and do all the experiences in order and then do the project. I am doing the values in alphabetical order starting with Choice and Accountability.

I'm excited about this opportunity to grow spiritually using a tool I hadn't considered necessarily for me. I'm also excited that this is something Emily and I can do together. Maybe we can team up on a project. That would be really fun to do together.

PS: If you want to find a picture of the YW logo to put on your blog, don't google the words "young women." It's really sad and yucky what comes up.

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Emily said...

I like that idea.

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