Monday, April 19, 2010

Maybe some mental defective put something stupid on her leg.

Most of the commotion with Emily was taken care of during the intermission, however, there were a few loose ends that I needed to tie up with her after the second half started. I was discreetly trying to text her. Also Chris was updating me on some changes to his dad's condition. And, Jodi was letting me know that Emily was alright. I was not talking. I was not making any noise. I was holding my phone low and texting. A guy two seats over leans at me and tells me to put "that phone" away. I just turned it over and stopped. Inside I was seething. The little light from my phone was not deterring from him being able to enjoy the show. Seriously. In addition, our seats were second from the back row. Obviously he takes his theater-going a little too zealously for someone who is buying the cheapest seats possible. There is NO way any of the cast members could see it and be distracted. What was his deal? I had to stand up three times so he and his stupid girlfriend could go empty their tiny bladders and buy some iced coffees. Did I tell him to "sit down and stay put?" Certainly not.

We live in 2010 not 1980. Technology exists so that we can be connected. I am thankful for the connection that my cell phone gives me with people around me. I was glad I could talk Emily down from her crisis that afternoon. I was glad Chris could share with me what was happening with his dad. I was relieved when Jodi said she was heading back to my house to help Emily. I was glad my boys could reach me at a seconds notice in case of emergency. There is once place that I will not use my cell phone and that is in the temple. Otherwise, call me rude or whatever, but I don't care. In emergency, crisis and so forth...I will text. During a movie, dinner, at the theater, church, on a boat or with a goat.

I will not just randomly text friends during this time. But if the need arises for me to take care of an issue, I'm going to.

Maybe there should be a texting seating area where you can text in case of emergency. I'd buy my tickets in that section every time.

And for my last little on...

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