Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Well, you know what they say: if you don't have anything nice to say about anybody, come sit by me!

Twenty Seven of My Favorite Things About My Twenty Seven Year Old Sister

1. She only remembers the good.

2. She is forgiving.

3. She gave me the sweetest niece on the entire planet.

4. She will do anything for me.

5. She is the greatest cook and is always experimenting.

6. She fed me pears on my last birthday.

7. She doesn't scrapbook.

8. She isn't embarrassed to be herself around me.

9. She is so crafty which is not a trait I usually admire but she does it in such an endearing way that I admire it in her.

10. She has a strong testimony and is always striving to be better.

11. She loves my kids alot and treats them well.

12. She loves to play games and cards with me.

13. She is happy where she is. She blooms where she is planted.

14. She genuinely cares about the happiness of those around her.

15. She hates the phone as much as I do.

16. She worries about things and I find her worrying adorable.

17. She is such a good mother and is raising an adorable and wonderful daughter.

18. She is unselfish.

19. She has big feet.

20. She doesn't judge me.

21. She doesn't mind my messes.

22. She always greets me and leaves me with a hug and a kiss and an "I love you."

23. She always thanks me for the little things.

24. She will lend me anything even knowing there is a great possibility that I will lose it.

25. She laughs with me.

26. She cries with me.

27. I can tell her anything and know that she will only tell one other person. Her husband is a given.

Anna, I hope you have the happiest birthday!
Love you bunches and bunches!

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Anna said...

You are the best. are.

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