Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random Thoughts by Jennifer Vos

Why can't we all take off our masks and be ourselves? I like it when people are themselves. I like being around people where I feel comfortable being myself. Why are we afraid to share who we really are with those around us? Is it because we are afraid of being rejected? It is a very scary thing to put yourself out there. I admit that sometimes when some people share too much or show their true self too much...I get nervous. There aren't very many people that I can show my true self to all the time. Chris, Anna and a few close friends are about it. I'm lucky to have a really great visiting teacher/friend. Several months ago, I took a chance and revealed to her some of the things I was struggling with and was met with a very sympathetic ear. I am thankful for her.

Sara, your comments on my blog always are so thoughtful. There was one in July that was the impetus for some very important changes in my life. I know I've never told you, but I really appreciate what you say to me via blog comments. Thank you!!

I am disaster prone. I was watching "Worst Week" this week and I was thinking that I am like the main character, Sam. I break things all the time. Magic tricks, walls, end tables...nothing is safe. I drive cars and they fall apart. On Monday, I took Anna to the doctor. I had to park in the parking garage. Our big van barely clears the ceiling and the YM borrowed the van for a trip and put a luggage rack on the top. And didn't take it off. And I forgot about it. Part of it was completely ripped off. The piece still on is all bent up. I don't even know whose it is. :( Yesterday I accidentally dressed Christopher in Calvin's pants. Didn't notice it until after school. He looked ridiculous.

My baby smells absolutely delicious.


Suzy said...

I totally hit a stop sign in the parking garage you're not alone!

Hope you're feeling well...I wish I could smell that delicious baby of yours!

Sara said...

Oh yes, I ran over a pile of plowed snow in Ohio as I was driving through the teller line at the bank. It totally bent my undercarriage thing below the passenger side door as well as creased my door. I felt my car go UP and then THUNK DOWN on the other side of the pile. I had to GET OUT of the car to see what I had run over in the middle of the driveway. WHO in their right mind plows and then leaves the pile in the drive through of the bank? Of course it couldn't be seen because of the line of cars in front of me, and when I pulled up to the teller thing, it was out of sight under the front of my car. Didn't know it was there until after the damage was done. SO MAD. $900 later, it was fixed. GRRRRR.

Sara said...

Love you, Jennifer. I don't know what comment I may have left, but it probably wasn't me that helped! Thankful for the whispirings of the spirit, who knows all needs, and just uses us sometimes to help each other. Hugs!

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