Monday, October 27, 2008

What's Happening, Hotstuff?

We've had a busy week here at the burrow. Halloween parties, playgroups, football games and other fun events have taken place over the last few days. It's fun and fast-paced!

The ward Halloween party was last Friday. Our kids had fun getting candy and playing games. They all wore very unique costumes this year. I didn't get great photos of them, but I will get some on Halloween this Friday.

Lizzie found her thumb.

Calvin the Ninja eating a doughnut.

Christopher wore my dad's Vietnam Army uniform.

Lizzie the Cat

The Modern Stoneage Family. Anna made these costumes. Isn't she so creative??

Emily the QB.

Spencer the Pirate.

Cameron as Thomas the Candy Eating Tank Engine.

We had fun at playgroup this week. It was at Miller Park, which was a really nice park but had no parking. That was annoying. Cameron had fun playing with his friend Jacob and has been going around the house saying, "Jacob on fire engine." He had a really fun time. Lucy was there too and it is cute to see her doing her orangutan walk.

Saturday was the playoffs for the Plymouth Canton Steelers football program. Calvin's team won their game and they are the Junior Freshman Champions of the league. Way to go!! Christopher's team also won and they go on to round 2 of the playoffs this Sunday. Nice job, JV team!

Lizzie's view of the game.

Lizzie is growing like crazy. She will be three weeks old tomorrow. It is unbelievable! She is already getting big. She is almost too big for her newborn diapers and I've noticed that her newborn clothes are too short in the sleeves. I love newborns so much and the time with them little flies by way to fast for me. I don't even mind the sleep deprivation so much. I just love holding the tiny bundle of baby against my chest and petting her pretty hair. In a few months, she'll be squirming away from me. *sigh* Lizzie reminds me so much of Christopher as a baby. Even her personality is like his: always wanting to suck on something but not a fan of the binki yet, always wanting me to hold her just like he did. I really need to get one of those baby sling things that you attach to yourself. She is still sleeping with me so that I get some sleep. I did put her in the cradle one night and she slept in there for a whopping 1 hour and 47 minutes. It was heaven to have my whole half of the bed to myself for a brief moment.

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