Friday, October 17, 2008

So everyone can call me a freak and a brainiac? No I ain't down for no spelling bee.

Emily with her sign.

On Wednesday, The Plymouth Literacy Council held their annual Community Spelling Bee. For the 6th year in a row, I participated on the Plymouth Rotary Club's team, the Sedulous Spellers. We didn't do very well this year. I think we were the 7th or 8th team eliminated out of about 15 or 16 teams. I'm not a great speller but for some reason the Rotarians think I am some kind of spelling genius. They ask me every year to do the bee for their team. I don't mind but I get really embarrassed up on stage having to spell.

Emily and my mother-in-law get really into cheering for our team. This year Emily brought her french horn and bugled along with the cheers. She made posters and our cheering section was really loud. As a result, she won the Spirit Award and a prize basket filled with chocolate, goodies and gift certificates to Michigan Made. Nice job, Emily!

The Sedulous Spellers: Russ Jones, Me and Art Butler

Emily getting ready to play her horn.

Lucy, do you know your horn is backwards?

Emily with her prize. Calvin getting in on the picture action.

Our kids receiving the Spirit Award from Carol Saunders.

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