Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Random Thoughts by Jennifer Vos

I'm way behind on my blogging. Most of what is happening here I deem unblogworthy. I read other people's blogs and they seem so relevant and sophisticated. Mine seems boring in comparison.

What's happening here?

Last month, Emily was awarded first prize for 7th graders at her school in a writing contest by the local Rotary Club. We got to go to a ceremony where she received a certificate and $100 savings bond. Great Job, Emily!

I went with Calvin's class on their field trip touring the Ren Cen and a boat ride up the Detroit River. It was super informative and I really enjoyed it. It seemed especially fitting to be touring the Ren Cen on the eve of GM's bankruptcy announcement. Calvin and I had a good time together looking at all the sights of Detroit and eating at the food court in the Ren Cen.

Poor GM. Poor Detroit. It's very sad. I feel like the maitre-d' in Ferris Bueller. I weep for the future.

Anna and I got all the plants planted in our garden. It is growing very nicely and we even have blossoms on our tomato plants. I read somewhere that animals will stay away if they smell human urine near the garden. My boys have loved going out and "watering" the perimeter of the garden. It seems to be working so far.

I spent 20 minutes last night in my van at the church watching two church boys jump from the back of our Bishop's pick-up to the top of their Ford E Series full size van. Then they would jump all the way to the ground. Sometimes they would vary it by jumping back into the Bishop's pick-up. I found it quite amusing and I was thankful that it would never occur to my boys to do something like that.

A dear friend turned 30 last week and I was able to participate in her surprise 30th birthday party. Surprise parties are my favorite. I love them.

Lizzie is scooting backward and loves being able to move herself around and find treasures on the floor to put in her mouth.

Only 7 more days of school. It's about time!! Love summer!

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