Monday, June 22, 2009

Wait til Christmas!

Summertime is officially here and it's starting out with a bang. We have only had one full week of Summer Vacation, yet it feels like a lot longer!

Last week, we went to Music in the Park on Wednesday. What a great tradition Plymouth has in this event! It is so much fun for me and for the kids. This performance was given by the great Guy Louis. He is my favorite performer and I try not to miss it when he is here. Cameron and Lucy seemed to love it. They listened and danced with the "Dancers." We had so much fun!

Last week, Calvin had Cub Scout Day Camp. I was lucky enough to get to go with him for one of the days and we had fun doing archery, catapults, bb guns, stool ball and come crafts. I forgot my camera and my phone battery died, so the pictures are not very good. The boys really had a lot of fun...even if they got their heads licked.

Today we made a fun visit to the Plymouth Township Park Sprayscape. Watching Lucy enjoy herself so much was the best part. She loved it! Lizzie tolerated getting wet and then liked being snuggled in her towel. The older kids gathered other kids there and played a fun game of "Dump Water on Each Other." It was a great afternoon.

Two weekends ago, we went to our Elders Quorum Barbecue. It was fun and the food was good especially the sweets and some really good cookies by Melissa Farnsworth. SOOOOO great!! I had to laugh at Chris in the creek with the kids trying to catch a crayfish with them. I had to laugh harder at Chris when he got drenched by the cooler of leftover water. It was hilarious!

I love summer and I'm so glad that we have 11 weeks left to enjoy!

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The O Family said...

that video is hilarious. Especially the part where he looks like he's contemplating taking off his shirt

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