Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You know who I am? In the field of local-live-home entertainment, I'm a god!

Today, Chris did a magic show for the kids' school assembly. He did an amazing job. I love watching him perform. Even though I have seen the tricks a million times and know how they are done, I still enjoy watching and I laugh at all his jokes. Watching his shows reminds me of some of the first times I saw him perform magic.

Chris and I met at the LDS Living Center in East Lansing. I lived in the girl's building and he lived in the guys. My roommate and I had just moved there from BYU and we didn't know anyone, so we decided to throw a little party and invited all the residents and hoped that we would get to know guys people. It worked. Lots of people came and we had fun and danced and ate snacks. It was a great party. This guy, Chris Vos, came too and brought some "magic tricks" with him. Being the snotty 19 year-old that I was, I thought "magic tricks" were about the gayest thing you could have at what was supposed to be a really cool party. I didn't go over the the "magic" corner of the living room where Chris Vos was wowing and amazing our guests. I stayed in the safe, ungay, cool part of the living room with the music and the dancing. But pretty soon I was all alone. Everyone was watching Chris Vos. I slunk my way over to the crowd to get a peek and couldn't believe what I saw. He totally stunk! He couldn't remember how to do the trick and kept screwing it up. I was so embarrassed for him to fail like that in front of all those people. And then...WHAMMY...he does the trick and amazes my socks off. Then I felt like an idiot..the not remembering and screwing up are done on purpose. I know now that it's called a "sucker trick" cuz the magician is suckering you in to believing that he can't do it and then he totally blows you away. Chris is awesome at it!

After he used his magic on me and won my heart, he would do magic all the time for money for us to live on. He worked for a talent agency in Detroit and would get gigs at the country clubs down here all the time. I would drive down here from East Lansing with him and sometimes I would sit in the car and wait for him. Sometimes I would go in and sit with the coat check girl while he would perform. In those days, putting together his show took FOREVER and I was really impatient. It would make a huge mess in our apartment. I hated that part of the magic. I once broke one of his tricks by playing with it too much until it just collapsed in my hands. We laugh about it all the time because I am always breaking stuff accidentally.

Every apartment and house that we have lived in has had a playing card stuck to the ceiling after Chris did the "Card on Ceiling" trick. It is a great part of our house. I love that our kids love his magic and that he is teaching them how to do the tricks so that they can have a great talent like him. Chris, you bring magic to my every day.


Lil said...

I LOVE his magic!! Dave and I could watch him for he is hilarious. We sure miss you guys...

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