Thursday, January 17, 2008

You should see the toast...I couldn't even get it through the door.

Yesterday, at Spencer's preschool they celebrated his 1/2 birthday. This was extremely confusing to him. He knows it's not is real birthday but this 'nother birthday, as he called it, was very appealing. He wondered all day, "Do I get presents?" "Do I get cake?" "Will there be a party?" It was very hard for him to understand that it is 1/2 way to his real birthday and since his real birthday is in the summer, his school is celebrating for him now. These complicated concepts are lost on 4-year-olds. Ahem...4 1/2.

He still had fun taking treats to school, getting a birthday badge from Mrs. Lloyd and getting cards from his classmates. He slept with the cards last night and loves to show them to everyone. I had an enjoyable time helping at school. It was a fun day to play with magnetic dress up dolls, fake snow and make snowflakes. That fake snow creeps me out a little. What is it made of? Who knows? It might be the same stuff as the Happy Fun Ball for all we know. I also loved meeting Henrietta's doll. It was adorable to see a little mini Henrietta. I hope she gets a name soon.

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Spencer!!

These two will never live this down. They were playing with DOLLS!!!!!!!!

Spencer and Mrs. Lloyd, best preschool teacher ever.

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Suzy said...

You had me at your title...I thought I was the only one who quoted lines from Uncle Buck. We must be kindred spirits from the 80s.

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