Friday, June 27, 2008

"Gosh, It's Like, Easy."

I don't know what's up with me and blogging lately. Everything that has been happening lately isn't blog-worthy. I'll think of something and then dismiss it as too mundane. I've been waiting for my sister to blog about her surgery before I do. I've felt really complainy lately and don't want to blog all of my complaints because who wants to listen to some chowder-head complaining about how her life stinks when it really doesn't. I think about quotes I've heard that angels will quote from your journal entries and my blog has become a little bit of a journal for me. Why would any angel want to quote my complaining? So I'll try to come up with some interesting tidbits but it's probably not quotable.

Anna's surgery was successful. They removed the tumor from her back and she is now home recovering. The hospital stay was full of annoyances for her, one of which involved waiting over 2 hours to get a breast pump to use from the maternity floor. I could have walked home and back to get her a pump quicker than that. Recovery is tough because there are some things she can do for herself but most things she can't. To look at her, one would think she is fine and doesn't need help. However, she does and is very appreciative of the visits, well-wishes, aid and meals brought in. She cannot lift anything much over a few pounds including Lucy. I think that is the hardest part for her.

Chris has been going to Toledo doing awning sales a lot lately. I wish he didn't have to do that because I miss him being gone. Last Saturday he was up around 6 to go down and got home a little after 10:30. Tomorrow will be the same. He was down there on Tuesday, Thursday and is there now. He is having success in selling but we miss him all the same. He has lost a total of 45 pounds and has had some of his pants taken in over 4 inches. Way to Go!! Our home teachers are first hand witnesses to the fact that he has one pair that needs to be taken more. They were over on Wednesday and when Chris went to stand up, his pants fell to his ankles. It was probably the funniest home teaching visit ever and I wish there was a "Wacky Mormon Moment" in the Ensign that I could send it to. Luckily Bros. Brown and Clawson were able to find the humor in the situation and share in our laugh.

On Wednesday, we went to Music in the Park and heard my favorite kids singer, Guy Louis. I got up early and put our blankets and chairs up at Kellogg Park so that we would have a really good spot. It was Anna's first outing since the surgery. She brought a really yummy fruit bouquet to eat that Tony's work sent her. It was pineapple slices dipped in chocolate. Soooo good!! At the end of the concert, Grammy, the kids and I were all dancing in a circle. It was fun.

We went swimming with Jodi and her boys on Thursday and I have learned that you have to reapply your sunblock after swimming for a while. My nose and shoulders are red. Today, we went to Jodi's and had a fun (when the kids weren't fighting over whose turn it was) Wii party and a fun (when the kids weren't fighting over who stepped on them or who popped whose water balloon or who looked at them wrong) trampoline jumping party. It was Cameron's first time on the tramp and he ABSOLUTELY loved it!!! The kids bounced him all over and he laughed and laughed. The best part of going to Jodi's for me (besides her baked goods) is getting to talk and talk. It's better than any therapy available.

I had a midwife appointment this week and got to hear Lizzie's (yes, it's going to be Lizzie) heartbeat and know that she is doing well. I am measuring large--about 4 weeks large so I might have another ultrasound coming up but no real worries. The midwife keeps giving me pamphlets about birth control at each visit. I take them and listen to her spiel. I'm not sure if it's because I have so many kids that she thinks I need to take this seriously or what. My head says, "Oh yes, this makes sense," but my heart says, "You are doing fine and just let things be." I wish she would stop it. I had to do the glucose tolerance test this week. I had a little trouble keeping down the glucola. I hate that stuff. The guy who drew my blood for the test asked me if this was my first baby. I said no. He asks is it your second. I say no, my sixth. He says, "Damn, woman!" Only a black man could get away with saying that. I thought it was pretty funny.

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