Sunday, June 15, 2008

You say it's your na na na na's my birthday too yea!!!

Yesterday, we celebrated Cameron's 2nd birthday and Chris' 36th birthday. They fall on the same day, June 8th. We had a fun picnic at Lion's Club Park in Plymouth. Attending were all us Vos', Chris' parents and his brother's family, the Onofrio's and the Heiner's. We had a really fun time.
Chris spending a moment talking with his mom.

Cameron with the cake.

Messy cake boy!

Christopher, Calvin Tyler and Jamison playing football.

Opening presents with help from Anna.
He loved this light up bag that the present from Jeff and Jamie came in.

All right! The noisy lawnmower toy! I love it!

My first wheels!

Getting scooter advice from some pros: Christopher, Calvin and Gavin.

You know you have a perfectly good uterus just sitting there doing nothing!!

On the go with Emily!

I didn't do one of my usual birthday posts for the two of them because I was without my computer at the time. So I'm going to tell you three reasons why I love each of them so much and make them really special to me. First is Cameron.

1. He is happy, happy, happy. I love being with him and spending time with him because he does everything with such joy. Whether its putting on his shoes, eating his breakfast, watching Spongebob, playing with cats or going to bed--he just loves to do everything.

2. He gives the very best kisses and hugs.

3. He loves to snuggle. On Saturday mornings, they kids get him up out of bed and bring him to me and he lays on my pillow and pulls the covers up to his chin and snuggles with me. It is very sweet.

Now for Chris:

1. He is not afraid of anything. Not the governor or a really mean person calling from AT&T or neighbors who are yelling at me or stupid waiters. He will stand up for himself and me and our family with no hesitation. I love that about him.

2. He is always trying to improve himself. Whether its losing weight to be healthy or learning Chinese to continue his education or doing better at serving in his church callings. He works hard at whatever he puts his mind to.

3. He is the most forgiving person I know. I'm thankful for that because I need alot of forgiving.

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite boys!!

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