Saturday, June 14, 2008

You catch up with us there. If he falls, fine. If not, the sword

I am way behind on my family events of the past few weeks. Here's a little catch-up:

Spencer had his last day of preschool and a preschool graduation. Chris did a fun magic show for the end of year picnic. It was fun!

All grown up and ready for Kindergarten!!

Cameron enjoying an ice cream sandwich.

Chris doing magic with the kids.

Cameron found a girlfriend.

We finally graduated!!

Spencer and Mrs. Lloyd

I love it when I get to watch Lucy. Here she is playing Bob the Builder with the boys.

The Plymouth spray scape has officially opened for a wet, screaming good time. We have already been three times and it is wonderful.

Funny pic of Cam sitting on his bucket. At the spray park, Cam is hilarious. He spends time in the water, but he also loves checking out what everyone else brings. He likes to talk to other moms, look in people's baskets and bins and drink out of other kids sippy cups. It is a laugh riot to watch him.

Anna and Lucy at spray park.

What a cutie pie!!

Last day of school for the big kids was Friday. They came home very excited to be moving up. Emily will be in 7th grade next year. I repeat--my daughter will be in 7th grade. Amazing. Christopher will be in 5th and Calvin in 3rd. Smith School will enjoy the Vos Trifecta with Christopher, Calvin and Spencer all there next year.

The pool is open and we enjoyed a Friday afternoon swimming and dunking and floating and yelling and diving and all things pool related.

We had to coordinate the first jump in so that everyone could say that they were the first one in the pool.

Cameron loved the slide and even jumped off the diving board all by himself. What a big boy!!

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