Saturday, June 14, 2008

Uh, Liz? Beth? Bitsy. Bitsy! That's right.

So, I'm having some trouble with my new baby's name. My plan was to name her Elizabeth Gloria Vos. I really like the name Elizabeth. My mother's name is Gloria. It was perfect. I was planning on calling her Lizzie. I love Lizzie Bennett from "Pride and Prejudice." When she gets older, she can be Liz if she wants. I have only good associations with the names Elizabeth and Lizzie and Liz.

Lately, I am having second thoughts about Elizabeth. The reasons are several. First, Lizzie is really close to Lucy. I have already refered to Lizzie as Lucy and she isn't even born yet. Having a Lizzie and a Lucy just 11 months apart might pose problems. I can't make it work in my head. Second, I have considered Ellie as a nickname for Elizabeth. However that is too close to Emily. Emily and Ellie. That doesn't seem to work either. I don't want to call her Elizabeth. Third, I am feeling more and more that I don't want to relegate my mom's name to a middle name. She was too important to me to just throw her name away.

So I am toying with Gloria as the first name. Does it fit with the rest of our names? I don't really know. I wouldn't name her Gloria Elizabeth because I don't want to throw Elizabeth away. Maybe our next girl :) could be Lizzie? I would choose Carolyn as the middle name if Gloria was the first name because it is a combination of my mother-in-law's first name and my middle name and also the first name of another woman that I really admire. So what's your opinion? Gloria? Lizzie? Or something totally different that I haven't even thought of? Suzy, you supposed to be some kind of self-proclaimed name guru--help me out.

You may wonder why I don't consult Chris with this problem. It's cause he has no say. We made a deal before we even got married: he got to choose the first two boys names and I got to choose all the rest with no say from him. He got his Christopher, Jr and his Calvin Stephens and now I could name this baby Minelli Ripozo and he couldn't say anything. I guess he could say something but I wouldn't have to listen. Best deal of my life.


Danette said...

That is an awesome deal for you! Why didn't I ever think of that-- it could have saved a lot of "discussions." I love Gloria. I think you should name her that. It fits, but even if it didn't, it would.

The Onofrio's said...

Ah...I see. I like both...still.

Jennifer said...

so, anna, what should i do?

The Onofrio's said...

well...which one do you like better? Which one makes you feel better? Which one does she "feel" like? Maybe wait until she comes out and see which one fits her better.

Suzy said...

I absolutely love Elizabeth Gloria. I think you should go with your Plan A on this one. It fits nicely with the rest of your kids names and is still a beautiful tribute to your Mom. I don't think Lizzie and Lucy are too similar and that is the only reason you are hesitating, right? What about calling her Eliza?

If you are still on the fence, I love the following girl names:
Caroline (pronounced with the long I) not so much Carolyn, although I understand the family thing)
Ella or Ellie (both cute!!)
Sophia (Sophie)
Maggie Grace (Did you know that the actress who plays "Sun" on Lost is Maggie Grace? Love it!)
Jane (can you see where this is going??? Crack open one of the Austen classics and there you go!!)

Good luck!

Suzy said...

Oh this going to be one of those times like when we played Apples to Apples and I should just put down the card with the thing that you like best? If so, please disregard everything I just said. Hee hee.

lissyfarnz said...

Hi, Jennifer,
I think whatever you choose will be perfect--unless you choose Minelli Ripozo. . .Can't wait to see what you decide! :)

GramMO said...

i don't think you should feel like you should not name the new baby
'Elizabeth" because 'Lizzie" is close to 'Lucy'...No matter what you name the new baby you will call her Lucy sometimes because she's the most recent baby. I love the sound of "Lucy and Lizzie" best cousins. I'm sure there's a book in that!
Although if you name her 'Gloria", Lucy just might call her YaYa Which is sweet, too. What ever you name her she will be adorable and they will be best cousins. Love you

GramMO said...

OR.....Gloria Grace could be G.G. "Lucy & G.G." could also be a book....

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