Monday, July 21, 2008

Her recommendations for a campsite were totally unsuitable. There were no outlets. And there was dirt, and bugs, and... and it rains there.

I dropped off Emily for her first Young Womens Camp. The camp is being held in Battle Creek and the facility looks really great for a camp. There are nice big cabins and a huge lake. I really hope that she has fun. She got all packed up last night and was really excited about everything. Then she came to me a little later with teary eyes saying that she didn't want to go anymore. She said she had a stomach ache when she thought about being away from home. :( Chris gave her a blessing and she felt a little better. When she said goodbye to the boys this morning, she was crying again. On the way to camp, she was fine, laughing and talking with the other girls but once we got there she held on to me. She kept saying, don't leave yet, don't leave yet. I helped her get settled in her bunk and held her for a little while she cried and then she let go and said I could go, that she would be okay. It was really hard for me to leave but I know that she will have a really fun time. I hope she makes a friend while she is there because she isn't very close with any of the girls in our ward. I know she would have much more fun if she has a pal to chum around with. I didn't tell her that I hated going to girls camp and cried and wanted to go home and after my 2nd year, I never went back. I hope she has a better experience than I did.

I miss her already and can't believe that she is old enough to be away from home for the first time. It will just be a few short years until she is going to college and a mission and getting married. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! What scary thoughts!

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Sara said...

You have the funniest movie lines for your blog entry titles! I felt similarly when I sent Matthew to his first overnight scout camp a few weeks ago. He had a great time and somehow I was able to sleep while he was gone. I hope Emily has a really good time and that she comes back with her cup running over. The hard part of parenting is teaching them to be independent -- we want them to be independent but we don't... they will always need us in some way, though, and we need them, too.
:-) Can't believe Emily is in Beehives!

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