Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Your boss is the chief executive of fantasy land!

Several Pieces of Legislation that I Could Really Get Behind:

1. Mandatory and State-Sponsored Facial Hair Removal For Woman

I'm not talking about eyebrow waxing. I'm talking about women with beards. They are out there and we really should do something about it. I would be willing to have a little more taken out of my check(Chris' check, actually) to beautify women with facial hair. It's really not fair to them. It's almost a disability. I think we should do something about this.

2. Naming A Child A Stupid Name is Punishable By Law

I was going to wait on this and leave it for a Weekly Top Five by I am just so disgusted by stupid names for kids lately that I can't wait til Monday. Here's my top five list:

Top Five Really Horrible Names for Children that I Have Actually Heard Of

1. Kroten...sounds like either a martian or something that goes on your salad.

2. Ky...this kid not making it through high-school.

3. in vacuum.

4. Female...rhymes with Tamale

5. Spooky Apple...I'm really not kidding.

You can't just put letters together and call it a name. It's not right!! This needs to be legislated because obviously when people are left to their own devices they end up naming their kids after lubricant. It needs to be stopped.

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