Saturday, July 19, 2008

Random Journal Entry

Random Journal Entry from my Mom's Journal

July 20, 1988

Dear Journal,

Today it rained almost all day. It started about 11am and didn't quit until about 7pm. It was just a nice slow soaking rain. I sure hope this helps the corps and I know it will help the low water levels in the rivers and lakes. Hopefully the Mississippi River will rise a little and the barges will get moving soon. This drought has caused me to realize the importance of getting food storage and water storage together.

Right now on the Democratic National Convention is being aired on TV. The delegates are getting ready to cast their votes. The candidates of note are Mike Dukakis and Jesse Jackson. This is the first time a black candidate has ever run for president. Dukakis right now has won the nomination and has picked Lloyd Bentsen for his running mate. Jesse Jackson is a very powerful speaker, but I really don't think he has the credentials to be president. I'm not sure whether Mike Dukakis does either. George Bush is running for the Republican Party and I think he's sort of wishy washy. I'll have to do some studying before I can vote. It's exciting to see the nations electoral process at work. I'm glad I live in a country where we enjoy so many freedoms. Although I'm worried because the people are becoming more an more corrupt. It says in the Book of Mormon that if people become unrighteous they will be swept from the land. I 'm afraid this people might just be getting close to destruction.

Last night Eliza Washburn spent the night with Jennifer. She is a very sweet girl and it is always nice to have her here. But I was told by Carolyn, Eliza's mother, that hey may have to move to Troy, MI. That would be terrible. Since Berk Washburn is our ward Bishop it would be devastating for all the ward. I hope things will change so they won't have to move. Jennifer would lose her best friend, plush she has a crush on Eliza's brother, Ephraim. I think she would be the hardest hit.

Today was black day in another way. We found out that we don't have any Medical Insurance. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received a bill from the UMIMA office and they talked with the Insurance carrier and found out that the company failed to pay their premiums. That is a hard blow. Blair's going to talk to Dick Hansen. Otherwise Blair will quit and work for himself because the only reason he stays there as long as he has is because of the medical coverage. We figured we wouldn't get it anywhere else. It just hurts so much.

Tomorrow I am going to go visiting teaching over to Donna Wardens home. Judy Smith is going to go with me. Kay Ice is gone to North Carolina to visit her mom.


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