Monday, January 26, 2009

Relax! You can't screw up her hair. Just tease it and make it look like a brown football helmet.

Should I start dyeing my hair? That is the question of the moment. I have so much gray hair right now that I can see it and it is driving me crazy. I am only 34 and that is way too old to be going gray. My mom was gray at a young age but I thought it was because she was sick. I figured that her illness manifest itself in giving her gray hair, but maybe that wasn't the case. Maybe I'm fated to be almost completely gray like her at age 38.

So here's the problem: if I choose to color my hair this is a choice that cannot be changed in 2 or 5 or 15 years. This will be my hair for the rest of my life. A person cannot start coloring her hair and then give it up cold turkey in years to come. It will have to be always colored.

I don't know if I want to do that. Shouldn't I be secure enough with myself that I can have gray hair and still feel young and pretty? I should, but I don't. I don't feel young with all this gray hair sprouting in. It grows amazingly fast and coarse. I hate it.

I would really like to do highlights and lowlights but I can't afford the $$ to go to the salon every three months or whatever for this service. Should I go the home color route? Is it effective? I did it once in college and ended up with a very strange shade of burgundy. Or should I just go gray? Dear Faithful Readers...tell me what you think.

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GramMO said...

Oh, Jennifer I have just the solution for you. (Although I don't remember seeing any gray on you. I got my first ones at 24)
Use the 24 wash out NOT permanent in a box from Meijer's, (Clairol Natural Instincs about 8 bucks)
You'll get the good coverage and the best part is that it slowly washes out after 24 shampoos or more. The reason this is good is because you'll never have that root stripe down your part. YOU WILL LOVE IT. You can do it yourself in 15 min (during kids' nap time would be good.) Good luck :)

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