Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues.

Saturday was the annual Platte Christmas Party. I wrote about it last year. It didn't change much since last year. Uncle Dave had surgery since then and a small stroke. I was happy to see that he was recovering well and seemed like his old, funny self. Aunt Annie's fiance died a few weeks ago and it was sad not seeing his happy, smiling face. A few more babies were born (including Lizzie) and a few more spouses were added. Other than that it was the same.

This year I spent some minutes talking with one of my favorite cousins, Amy Miller. Amy is the daughter of my Aunt Diane and Uncle Tom. My Uncle Tom died before I was born and so I never knew him. The stories of him lead me to believe that he was a very great man. Aunt Diane remarried another good man, Uncle Charlie. They had two more children, Gwen and Matt. Gwen was just a year younger than me and so we were good friends growing up. I got to spend time in the summer and during breaks at their house. It was always a really fun time. One of my favorite parts was getting to be with my cousin Amy. Amy was older than me by-I'm guessing-4 years. I really looked up to her like an older sister. I'm sure I was pretty annoying hanging around her. I remember when she shared a room with Gwen and Gwen and I slept on the floor and she was on the bed. We were talking and giggling and she kept yelling at us to shut up so she could get some sleep. Soon after that she had her own room. Going in there was like going into some kind of sacred sanctuary. It had things that an older, teenage girl would have in their room and I was just in awe of it. She was a really good sister to Gwen and let us do things with her even though she was older. I can remember her taking us to see movies. I especially remember going to see "Adventures in Babysitting." It was my first PG-13 movie and I thought it was pretty exciting. Amy was a really good cheerleader and I remember sitting and watching her and her friends teaching the smaller girls in the neighborhood to do the routines. I never joined in (not so coordinated) but I loved watching them dance to "Footloose." I remember playing cards for hours and watching some TV show about a rich man who adopts a bunch of orphans who I think might have danced and sang as well. I don't know the name of the show and I'm really surprised that a show with such a rich plot didn't make it past one season. (I just looked it up. The show was called "Rags to Riches." Aired two seasons.) I was always bummed when she would leave to go on dates with her boyfriend, Steve. I secretly didn't like him because he would take her away from us. She later married him. Sorry, Steve!

Sitting and talking with Amy brought back all of these good memories I had of being in her house and spending time with her and her family. Thanks, Amy, for being such a good part of my life.

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