Monday, January 26, 2009

You know the difference between a dentist and a sadist don't you?

Spencer getting cleaned.

I found a new dentist that I would like to recommend to anyone looking for a good dentist. His name is Dr. Bozell and his practice is in Canton near the high school. I got the recommendation from Geri Aldrich whose husband is an oral surgeon. I figured he would know who the good dentists are in the area. He does. The first thing I noticed about Dr. Bozell's office is how nice his staff is. The receptionist, the hygienists, everyone is super nice and friendly. They helped me understand my insurance coverage and no one made me feel stupid for having 12 cavities. Yes, that is 12. Dr. Bozell, himself, is funny and friendly and professional. He teaches at U of M's dental school. (I forgive him for being affiliated with U of M.) :) He took time with me to make sure I understood how good of friends we are going to become over the next few months as he fills all of my cavities and takes up all of my free time. He was also great with Spencer and patient with Cameron's lack of interest in having his teeth "counted." The staff took up with Lizzie right away and it was like being surrounded by 3 grandmas. I didn't have to worry about her one bit while I helped calm the boys in the dental chair. One of the hygienists is wife of local Plymouth judge, Ron Lowe. He happens to be my very favorite judge in the area because he is lenient on my views of speed limits as "optional." All in all, my visits to the denist recently have been wonderful and I highly recommend Dr. Bozell for all your dental needs.

This was as close as Cameron would get to the dentist.

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GramMO said...

You should tell Dr. Bozell that that advertisement was worth several free fillings.

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