Friday, March 13, 2009


I guess no one really wanted to play my game.

I had two entries to the quiz. Anna and my cousin.

Anna wins. In case you are wondering, here's the answers.

BEST IN SHOW 1. This? This is a fish. This is a fish! You know what? Just shut up.

SOUTH PARK 2. I am socializing r-tard! I'm logged on to an MMORPG, with people from all over the world and getting XP with my party using teamspeak.

DIRTY DANCING 3. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

BABY MAMA 4. I'm sorry I farted into your purse.

TROOP BEVERLY HILLS 5. Her recommendations for a campsite were totally unsuitable. There were no outlets. And there was dirt, and bugs, and... and it rains there.

BREAKFAST CLUB 6. Could you describe the ruckus, Sir?

CLUELESS 7. Put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair - ew - and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we're expected to swoon?

CADDYSHACK 8. Pool and a pond...pond would be good for you.

FRIENDS 9. Well, like that, only that instead of a chair it's a pile of garbage. And instead of a jacket it's a pile of garbage.

THREE MEN AND A LITTLE LADY 10. Are you pretty, Lizzie?

PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES 11. I can't forget it. I am sorry. I had no idea it was your cab. Let me make it up to you. How about a nice hot dog and a beer?

A CHRISTMAS STORY 12. Holy smokes. Do... Do you know what this is? This is... A lamp!

SENSE AND SENSIBILITY 13. My heart is, and always will be, yours.

BABE 14. I suppose the life of an anorexic duck doesn't amount to much in the grand scheme of things.

IN HER SHOES 15. I carry your heart with me. I carry it in my heart.

SEINFELD 16. You're a rabid anti-dentite.

UNCLE BUCK 17. I'm not pushing your buttons. I know me. I know what I like.

STEEL MAGNOLIAS 18. Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.

THROW MAMA FROM THE TRAIN 19. Chapter one: The night was humid.

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 20. That Parthenon backdrop is optional.


Courtney said...

I wanted to play your game! In fact, I started an email and realized I only knew half of the quotes and figured I'd lose anyway. I was disapointed, because I am usually better at movie and TV quotes. In my defense, the quotes I didn't know were from movies I'd never seen. Those were some good ones! I loved the Friends quote. Friends quotes are hard to get past me! lol.

Nicole said...

I was going to play too! It was going to be one of my Saturday morning lazy things. Next time give a deadline to finish. I knew 7 of them....probably not enough to win, though.

Diana said...

Ditto-I only knew two of the quotes :( I didn't want to disappoint you. I love your blog titles and always wonder which movie they are from.

Brette said...

Same with me. That's why I asked to see the names of the movies/tv shows after you had a winner. I love that you use movie quotes to title each blog.

Brenda said...

I also just wasn't smart enough to enter. I only knew 3,12 and 18. Next time you'll have to dumb it down for us.

The O Family said...

Dumb it down? Come on. Bring it on. I guess this is just one of the benefits of having a direct link into your brain.

I got ten.

Sara said...

I only knew 3 of them, so I didn't want to look stupid -- either that or admit that I haven't watched a movie in .... 3 months? Sheesh. Get a life, Davis! Plus, I don't have a photographic memory like some people and I didn't want to admit that either.

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