Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Thoughts by Jennifer Vos

I've been such a blogging slacker over the past few weeks. We have had a lot of happenings going on at our house. Here's a mini recap:

Emily has been doing great on the West swim team. She practices every day and has had three meets so far with two more to go for the season. She loves it. I love the swim team. Swimming is a great sport. The kids are so positive and supportive of each other and their accomplishments.
Emily getting ready for her event.

About every two weeks I go to the dollar store and buy a package of pencils. I don't like to write in pen because I like to be able to erase my mistakes. I have to go every two weeks because someone keeps stealing my pencils. They also steal my pencil sharpener. Somewhere in my house is a secret room that I don't know about full of pencils. It frustrates me so much that I almost want to cry. That sounds so stupid. Please, implore you, bring back my pencils!

Calvin wore the above shirt for 9 days straight.

This is what Calvin and Christopher call a sock donut. They roll their socks up and this is what it becomes. The sock donut does not get clean in the washer and makes me very angry.

This is Chris wearing the Bumbo as a helmet. Pretty funny.

I must have early onset dementia. I cannot remember anything. Something might be wrong with me. I don't really know. I go to rooms to get stuff and can't remember why I was there. I can't remember to send my kids to school with a beach towel for beach day. I have started tell the same stories to Anna over and over again. I can't remember the names of things. Like regular words. It takes me a second to think of what something is. I'm only 34. What's wrong with me?

I took Emily shopping on Saturday for some new clothes. We went to Salvation Army and Plato's Closet. Emily got a ton of stuff for very little money. I was proud of the wise purchases that she made. While at Plato's Closet, I spotted some cute, longish skirts and pointed them out to Emily. She giggled and whispered to me, "Those are dresses, Mom." Indeed they were. Very, very immodest dresses. Emily got something called skinny jeans that in the 80s were just called jeans. She dresses modestly and that's what matters.

This should be a skirt.

On Saturday, Chris did something that he has never done before in all of our 14 years of marriage. He went grocery shopping. I gave him the list. I gave him a quarter and the bag of Aldi bags. He took 4 boys and headed out. He came back with everything on the list and minimal additions. Everyone came home alive. I am very proud of him.

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Patrick said...

The memory thing? It's just that you have so much going on...normal, yes, frustrating, yes. the more you worry about it the worse it gets. Must start thinking about the many times you DO remember stuff.. Try a little ginko biloba and find some time to relax. That description of your day shows it's a wonder you can remember anything. What a busy, busy mom you are. My boys still tease me about the word "wagon" which is what would often pop out of my mouth when the right word wouldn't. Then it became "not wagon" because I would hear my brain think "Wagon" and know that wasn't right. It eventually gets better but for now, I'm sorry it's a ways down the road. If you make a list of all the many, many things that you do do and say correctly, it will far out way the other. Trust me. It's true. "Don't happy", is better advice than just a silly song. You are one AMAZING WOMAN. Have a great Day. Love M.O.

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