Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Foolin'

6:45 AM: Woke Up, Got out of Bed, Dragged a comb across my head

7:25 AM: Drove Emily to School

7:45 AM: Got boys ready for school

8:15 AM: Dropped Chase off for school. He's an extra kid we are watching for a few days.

8:30 AM: Dropped boys off for school

8:45 AM: Changed my sheets because Lizzie puked all over my bed. Bathed Lizzie. Got Spencer ready for the day.

9:15 AM: Took Chris to work

9:45 AM: Picked up Anna

10:00 AM: Found good pair of Church pants for Calvin at Salvation Army for $1.99. Helped Anna pick out some good pants and some funky ties to make Easter eggs. Found a cool plate that I wanted for my MIL but didn't buy.

10:49 AM: Threw Anna's pants into the washer so they'd be ready for her tonight and printed out a letter that I needed.

11:00 AM: Picked up auction items(Somehow I got roped into finding auction items for the Boy Scout auction this Friday. It has something to do with that whole for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, for I need your help really badly thing. I have spend the last few days not doing my laundry, not washing my dishes and soliciting all of Plymouth and Canton for donations.) from Burger Spot and Joseph's Hair Designers.

11:25 AM: Stopped at Library for Anna

11:35 AM: Went to Tim Horton's to get free Chicken Wraps on Free Chicken Wrap day. They had BBQ and Ranch. You can get one for yourself and one for your sister.

11:50 AM: Went to a different Tim Horton's to get more free Chicken Wraps on Free Chicken Wrap Day. They were really good Chicken Wraps.

12:17 PM: Picked up an auction item from IRIE Restaurant in Canton.

12:45 PM: Took Spencer and Lizzie to their Doctor Appointment.

12:50PM: Waited for the receptionist to figure out my insurance. While holding Lizzie. While taking Spencer potty and wiping him because he went "poo." While getting Spencer a drink. She never figured it out.

1:05 PM: Met with the doctor about Spencer's coughing fit and Lizzie's vomiting and fever. Waited. Waited. Waited. Nurses put a little pee bag on Lizzie to catch her urine that they called a "puck" and it really looked like it hurt when they peeled it off.

1:15 PM: Phone rings. The nurse at Calvin's school wants me to pick him up because he is vomiting and feverish.

1:17 PM: Got MIL to pick up Calvin.

1:45 PM: Doctor feeds Lizzie a Pedialyte Popsicle. Tells me that we all have something called the "Cruise Ship Virus." Without the cruise. That's his little joke.

2:00 PM: Return to the car where Anna is with Cameron and Lucy. She tells me Cameron has pooped his diaper. Seriously the poopiest, diarrheaest diaper I've ever changed. He was sitting in his carseat and it looked like he was sitting in poop soup. Changed the diaper. Took off his clothes and put them in bag. Sat him in the seat covered with Lizzie's blanket.

2:20 PM: Picked up Calvin from MIL's.

2:30 PM: Got a few things from Kroger that I needed including free milk that shouldn't have been free but some unlucky Kroger worker forgot to take the sign down and they had to honor the sign.

3:00 PM: Picked up Emily from school

3:22 PM: Dropped off Emily at swimming practice

3:39 PM: Picked up Chase from school

4:00 PM: Took Anna's pants out of the washer and hung them up.

4:03 PM: Picked up Christopher from the bus stop.

4:25 PM: Went back to Salvation Army to get that plate for my MIL.

4:50 PM: Dropped off dinner to Chris at his work.

5:15 PM: Picked up Emily from MIL's.

5:25 PM: Nursed Lizzie while the kids hurried to clean out the van

5:49 PM: Picked up the Nelson's from the Airport and took them home

6:41 PM: Picked up Chris from work.

7:05 PM: Picked up auction items from the Kimbler's.

7:24 PM: Returned home. Home smells like poop and vomit. Search for source of smell. Find Cameron sitting in our nice recliner swimming in another diaper of poop soup. Clean up Cameron with bath and lots of soap. Throw clothes in washer. Clean up recliner.

8:39 PM: Nursed Lizzie

9:00 PM: Put boys to bed. Dosed all the medicines.

10:09 PM: Finally Relaxing.



lissyfarnz said...

Holy cow! Sounds like your day yesterday was pretty crazy! I hope your kids all get better fast and that today is better!

Alisha said...

I only cried halfway through your entry. I am sorry, that sounds miserable. I will be in touch.

Rachel said...

So does the Dr. have any idea how to cure this Cruise Ship Virus? I am so sorry to hear you guys are sick again. Can I do anything?

Stacie said...

You really aren't fooling? Well someone was playing a nasty April Fool's Joke on you. I wouldn't have survived. You are pretty amazing for all you do. And by the way, you live in your car, don't you? Seriously, no more offers of help for me! I should be helping you! Thanks for your calls, though.

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