Sunday, April 12, 2009

Don't Worry...There's A Bunny

Lizzie, Emily and Morgan

We had a busy weekend! Friday was Calvin's birthday and we had a party with Grammy, Grandpa, Jamie, Tyler and Morgan. They had a lot of fun playing and celebrating.

I saw a cute idea on this blog for turning Peeps into Pikachu. Since Calvin is a HUGE Pokemon fan, I thought I would try it out for him. I waited until Friday to get the Peeps. They didn't have the yellow bunny ones at Kroger, CVS or Rite Aid. We finally tried Kmart. They had the yellow bunnies! I was so excited I clapped and yelled out. I think I scared the other shoppers half to death. The cake turned out just ok. I really wanted to make the cake from scratch and decorate it differently but I ran out of time. The Pikachu were cute anyway.

Morgan and Tyler

Aunt Jamie holding Lizzie

Calvin got a gift card to Target, the new Pokemon Platinum game for his DS, Flight Simulator and a joystick and two tickets to the Red Wings game. Chris was able to get the tickets from one of his radio reps and they were great tickets including passes to a suite.

The game was on Saturday, so Chris and Calvin went together. They were lucky to have a parking pass so they didn't have to walk really far. Calvin had so much fun in the suite. All he could talk about was how great the food was. He loved it! He was disappointed that the Wings lost due to a really bad call. He still had a ton of fun.

We decorated eggs after the game. I didn't buy a egg color kit and tried my hand at using food coloring. It worked great except for purple. I tried mixing blue and red and got black. That egg looked kind of scary.
Not sure what was up with Calvin in this picture

Church comes at 8:30 AM so the Easter Bunny left the baskets in my bedroom til we got home from church. The kids were excited about their candy and little gifts. We watched the talk by Elder Holland from General Conference this past weekend because it was such a good Easter message. I just love that talk! The kids didn't all match but they really looked great. I especially loved Lizzie's dress. It had beautiful detail of violets on it. The violets made me think of my mom. She really loved violets.

Grammy, Grandpa and Pa came over for good food and fun. Chris and the kids had fun playing Flight Simulator. We had a little egg hunt outside. It was a great Easter.
Hunting for eggs in the front yard.

Violets on Lizzie's dress.

Pa and Cam blowing bubbles

And I'm so glad that Anna and Lucy will be home tomorrow.


Sara said...

Hi Jennifer! It's so great to see your kids hunting outside in shirt sleeves! Happy Spring!

Emily said...

Ha Ha Ha! regg!!!

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