Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh, I could write a sonnet about your easter bonnet

I love Easter outfits. I love girls in beautiful new dresses with bows and gloves and hats and white patent leather shoes. I love boys in pastel vests or ties with shiny penny loafers. I love it when they all match. So adorable!! Here's my dream outfits for Easter:

Alas, my budget is non-existent for Easter outfits. Lizzie has the most gorgeous dress that someone handed down to her. It is white with lavender and mint flowers and very beautiful sequins. It couldn't be prettier. Emily refuses to wear anything frilly or flowery or "Primary." So all that's left is the boys. I thought about buying them matching lavender or mint colored ties to match Lizzie's dress. I thought about trying to find matching vests. I didn't know how I was going to pay for said items but I really wanted them. Then I listened to Elder Hales talk during General Conference this Saturday and as he talked about the coat for his wife, I connected it with my Easter outfits and knew that "I can't afford it."

I was sad for a minute but then remembered that Easter isn't really about matching outfits. It's about the Savior. He won't care if my kids come to church in matching ties or vests or their usual Sunday best. I shouldn't care either. I still care a tiny bit. Like this much [-----]. And I can't wait to enjoy the other families on Sunday with their oh-so-adorable matching outfits.

I am going to take Elder Hales talk and read it whenever I feel tempted to purchase that which "I can't afford." His was my most favorite talk from conference this weekend because I learned the most from it's lessons. I'm so thankful for General Conference and the direction we receive from our living Prophet and Apostles.


Diana said...

I LOVED Elder Hales' talk--it too was my favorite.

Danette said...

I didn't get to hear all of his talk, but I loved General Conference in general this year because many of the talks touched on lessons I learned last year (like new Easter clothes not meaning much) that I hope I never forget. Doesn't hurt to be reminded over and over again.

Tiffany W. said...

It made me laugh really hard when you said you cared this much [---]. :) You are too funny.

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